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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Random Tuesday with Indy and phrases


We're going a slightly different direction today. I normally only have one photo on RTT, of a weird sign, but today, I've got some courtesy of Indy. You'll see.

*Indy: Mom, what did Romans use for can openers?
Me: I don't think they had cans.
Indy: They had metal.
Me: That doesn't mean they had cans.
Indy: Well, they should have invented them. Their lives would have been a whole lot easier. Those amphora had to be heavy.

*I have yet to see Alice in Wonderland with my Beloved. (That would be Johnny Depp incase you're new here). Crikey.

*Carnivals used to be the main entertainment for towns. Cigars were often given out as prizes. When someone came close to winning, but didn't the phrase "Close, but no cigar" was used. Meaning they came close, but not close enough to get a cigar.

*The phrase "mad as a hatter" is believed to come from the fact that mercury dye was used in making hats in the 19th century. Mercury poisoning made people twitch (and occasionally turned their hair orange-way to go on authenticity Tim Burton) and they were thought to be mad (crazy).

*Speaking of hats, Indy got a new Fedora the other day. Not an Indiana Jones type of Fedora, but more of a Frank Sintra Fedora. He loves it.

*We're going on a Disney Cruise in May. Indy is driving me crazy talking about it. He asks me a million questions a day. Usually the same questions over and over.

*In preparation for said cruise, we've been watching DVD's about the places we'll be visiting. This week, we watched DVD's about Pompeii and Rome. Last night, Indy was playing in his room and called me in to see what he had done. I had to take photos. He had set up all sorts of little scenes with the Coliseum he got for Christmas.

I particularly like that he has guys working on the structure.

This is my favorite photo. Jail Break!

The whole thing.


I really like the crowd.

*Statistically, Monday is the most popular day for suicides.

*There are 10 human body parts that are only 3 letters long. Do you know what they are? (Answers at bottom)

*Clans of long ago that wanted to get rid of unwanted people without killing them used to burn their houses down -- hence the expression "to get fired"

*I haven't mentioned him in a while, so I'll just throw this out there: Edward Culled. Yummmm.

*Finally, you know you're in trouble when they threaten you with NJ.

10 Body parts with only 3 letters: Eye, Hip, Arm, Leg, Ear, Toe, Jaw, Rib, Lip, Gum. Did you get them all?

Head over to Keely's (she is wicked funny) to check out all the other random thoughts.


Unknown said...

Love the Playmobil! Those are the best toys. But the best cruise ev-er (okay only one I've been on) -Disney Cruise! It rocks! I mean I can't wait to go on another one (hopefully next year). My son (8, 7 at the time we went last Feb) was obsessed for months with the brochure and watching the dvd they send you. Hands down best vacation ever. And we went with my parents so that's saying something!

What places are you visiting?

Happy RTT!

family of 4 on the move! said...

Ok Indy is so handsome with his new hat!( you already knew that but thought I would remind you anyway)

I loved the sign!! I choked on the piece of ice I was munching on when I got to it! Thanks for the laugh!

Fabulous info..where do you get this stuff from? Pure genius!! (totally feeding ego) LOL

I am Harriet said...

LOL...not surprised about Mondays and suicides. Especially, when the weather stinks!

Happy RTT!

Just call me Yankee said...

I totally want to go on a Disney cruise. I was just telling my SO that the other day when he said he wanted to go on a cruise. I like the info about the close but no cigar. I use that phrase all the time.

Here from Keely's.

Cajoh said...

Love the bits of trivia scattered throughout. Really makes it random.

Never played with play-mobile even though it was around when I was a child. I played with Fisher Price wooden people instead.

Happy RTT!

♥ Kathy said...

I ♥ Johnny Depp too :) Happy RTT!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love the Playmobil...brought back some memories. :) We had a crazy collection growing up. I love how Indy has everything set up in brother used to do that.

Had no idea about the "hatter." That is great trivia!! Where did you learn that?

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love Indy hat it makes him look so old not too old like on of the Jersey boys but older!

The Crazy Coxes said...

I LOVE Playmobil! I wish my kids (me) still played with it!
Your cruise sounds so awesome. I am definitely jealous!
Happy Random!

Anonymous said...

I love the sign- that's hilarious!

Kimberly Wright said...

Funny stuff!!!

I love PlayMobil. So creative with it all. We have the Egyptian stuff and love it.

Unknown said...

Pictures = awesome
Carnivals = terrifying

satakieli said...

I <3 Playmobil, I had the farm set when I was a kid.

I have to show Indy's fedora to the husband, he has a soft spot for them and has like 3 different ones.

The "close but no cigar" phrase reminds me of a new phrase the husband learned yesterday, after one of the old officers said it to him. It was "You're only close in horseshoes and hand grenades". I need to try to find ways to fit it into normal conversation.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Ok, this? Best Random Tuesday post EVER!!

And Indy is clearly very smart. Ask him if he;'s interested in meeting my daughter. I'd welcome a smart,, well educated young man ;-)

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