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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RTT: A whole lotta random and a bit of Olypics thrown in for fun, eh?


I've got a lot going on today. You'll see.

*Wasn't it Ironic that it snowed on Alanis Morrisette during the Olympic closing ceremonies? I'm funny, eh?

*How do you become a sword swallower? I mean, you kind of have to do it to become one right? How does that work? Careful, don't chop off your uvula or pierce your heart!

*I think Canada did an awesome job hosting the Olympics. People really seemed to have fun. And I love that Canada poked fun at themselves at the closing ceremonies. Yay for our neighbors to the north. Good show.

*Zamboanga. Say it. It's fun, right?

*I want to visit the Hebrides Islands.

*I feel bad for the workers in the Toyota plants. Not the CEO/CFO big wig people, but the regular people who work for them. Still, I'm glad I don't drive one. A Toyota, I mean, not a worker.

*I love cottage cheese. That's right. I do. It's delicious.

*I adored the mounties in their uniforms behind each of the flags during the Olympic medal ceremonies.

*What do they call people from Zamboanga? Zamboangans? Zamboangians? Zamboangites? Zamboanganese?

*Do you think Queen Elizabeth will ever die? She's pretty old but still going strong. Think Charles will ever be king?

*I'm actually happy for Canada for winning the Men's hockey gold medal. It's their sport and half the players on the US team are Canadian anyway. It's not like the won the Super Bowl or the World Series (cause that would be wrong). It's hockey. Who in America even cares about hockey? Though I have to say Go Blackhawks!

*Could the US hockey team have looked any more pissed off at getting the silver? They won silver medals! They should have been happy, but instead they all looked like they wanted to punch out the guy putting the medal on them. Be gracious.

*The medals for the Olympics were ugly. Sorry Canada.

*I hate paying bills. Why isn't everything I want free?

*German commercials are the best. Weird but funny.

*I think I burned off all my fingerprints the other day using Matilda, my glue gun. She gets HOT. Like crazy hot. On the up side I can now probably commit crimes and not have to worry about wearing gloves. See? Silver lining.

*Is it unAmerican that I don't always root for America in the Olympics? I kind of can't help it. I mean, we've got some HUGE advantages like private practice areas, sponsors who keep the athletes from having to, do anything that would take away from their training (you know, like work) that athletes from other countries don't have. I kind of like it when someone from a small country that no one things will medal comes out of nowhere and wins, you know? I think the guy who won bronze in one of the cross country races (OMG, there were so many!) had never placed better than 9th in any race, and boom, he came out of nowhere to take Bronze. I like that.

*Why do we have nails on our toes?

*When I do the ski jump game on the Wii Fit, I always wave to my audience when I complete a jump. Don't judge me.

*I'm pretty sure I heard Captain screaming when Canada won the hockey gold.

*Random photo of the week:

Keely is too important busy to host RTT today, so head over to Amy's to check out the other randomosity. Made that up. Because clearly, I am awesome.


satakieli said...

I will be pissed if Charles ever becomes King, it's a pet peeve of mine. He should be out of the running because he married a divorcee anyway, i hate it when they change the rules (really i just don't like the guy). I'd love to see Prince William on the throne, I think he'd be good.

Rachele Bennett said...

I wanted USA to win that hockey gold. They did look pissed at getting their silvers. I thought, I bet you guys were really happy going into the game knowing the worst outcome was silver. Guess they forgot about that. It was hard to watch.

Happy RTT

The Crazy Coxes said...

Hmmm....I don't like Canada. I just don't. But I do root for other countries sometimes - just never Canada.

I love your sign today! Love it!
And I'm like you. I burn my fingerprints off EVERY time I use a glue gun. Is there a secret to not burning your fingers every time?

Love the RTT!

Shell said...

I didn't watch any of the Olympics.

I fall almost every time I try to do a jump on the wii fit ski game.

That pic is hilarious!

♥ Kathy said...

Zamboanganese sounds the coolest so I say that's it :)

Love that sign!

Captain Dumbass said...

The Super Bowl and the World Series?


And I don't think Charles will ever be king, it will either skip over to his son or the world will discover that the Queen is actually a robot.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Great randomness today! Love the sign! I was embarrassed for the USA men's hockey team they could have been better sports.

Allison said...

I agree - I think Canada did a great job hosting. For the first time in my life I can actually say I'd like to visit Canada...

I especially liked the bit at the closing ceremony with the fourth pillar of the olympic flame...hehe :)

I am Harriet said...

Paying bills does suck!

Enjoy your RTT.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Meh. I don't like Prince Charles all that much either. Think William would be better down the road.

Love the fish smoking sign.

Matilda, eh?

Unknown said...

My dad mixes ketchup into his cottage cheese

Jaime said...

i think the medals are ugly too. i wouldn't object to having someone hang one of them around my neck for being the best in the world at something. but they're still ugly

Frugal Vicki said...

Ooh, I have this wonderful little spice thingie for my cottage cheese....and that sign is too awesome!

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