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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Indy is 10!

Ten years ago my sweet little Indy decided to enter the world early, surprising us all. He was a tiny 4 lbs 14 oz bundle of sweetness.

This is him at 1 week.  That is a standard size coffee cup.

 Can you believe how teeny he was?  We were scared to death we were going to break him.  He's made of stern stuff though and grew into a ginormous boy.  He's 4'10" which is only 6" shorter than me.  It won't be long before I'm looking up when I talk to him.  

I always get emotional around my boys' birthdays and today is no exception.  It seems like only yesterday he was that tiny baby and we just brought him home from the hospital.  These 10 years have flown and before I know it he'll be off to college.  :(

We'll be having a Star Wars extravaganza on Aug 4th and he's super excited.  Hopefully I'll get the urge to post them here.  Aside from getting in the double digits, the most thrilling aspect of turning 10 for him is the fact that he "finally' gets a military ID card.  What a thing to look forward to. He won't get to carry it around as it would probably last a week and then we'd have to go to the MP's and file a lost ID card report.  It will live in my wallet, which he's fine with.  Just know that he has one is enough. 

Happy birthday to my sweet, sweet boy.  He may be growing up, but he'll always be my baby.


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