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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do you Shred?

In yesterday's RTT, I mentioned that I had been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Apparently so are a lot of other people! I got several emails from readers who said they're doing it, or know other bloggers who are. It's like there's a whole Shredding cult. I was unaware!
For those of you who are not familiar with the 30 Day Shred, it is a workout DVD that is led by the Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels. You know her. She's the mean, fit little woman who yells at the contestants and makes them workout until they puke. Sheer viewing pleasure. Say what you will about her, she gets results. I need results, so I decided to give her a try. Holy @#$%! It is HARD! She doesn't yell at you on the DVD, which I was kind of disappointed in. I mean, who wants a nice Jillian? If I wanted nice I would have ordered Bob's DVD. Huh, he's nice on the show, so I wonder if he yells on his DVD? Anyone know?
Back to the Shred. It's 3 20 minute workouts that will get results (according to the cover-we'll see), that are in a 3,2,1 sequence. 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs. You do the 3,2,1, three times (each time with different exercises). Sounds easy, right? 20 minutes? Is that all? Really? Cake walk. WRONG.  It is a tough 20 minutes.  By the time I'm done I look like those people who stumble out of a spin class.  You know, red faced, sweaty, a little delirious.  Seriously.  In 20 minutes.  There are no breaks in those 20 minutes and the exercises are hard.  And that was on level 1!  This morning I moved to level 2.  Ten minutes in  I longed for level 1.  I'm scared to death of level 3.  I won't even watch it.  I'm that afraid.  In the 2 levels that I've done, Jillian makes some (probably unintentional) funny comments.  My favorite is "The pain is just fear leaving your body."  Well, if that's true, then my body is terrified.  I think the only thing that doesn't hurt is my hair.    In the shower this morning, I tried to lift my arm to soap it up and could barely get it to shoulder level.  She's evil.  Evil, I say.  All this had better work.  Do you Shred?  If so, how's it going?  I want to hear about it.

If you don't Shred and would like to,click that link over there and order your own copy.  I don't think you'll regret it.  You may hate me for a while, but if you get results you'll love me.  As you should.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RTT: Cakes, Birthdays, Fires and other things


*My birthday was a month ago today. I guess I could finally tell you what Mr. HH did, huh? He told me we were going to dinner at a nice restaurant (with reservations!) and that The Contessa would be watching Indy. We got on the b6servation time wrong, it was 7, not 6. It was 5:45 and we were approximately 15 minutes away. Great a whole hour. When we got off the bus we went over to a flower seller and he bought me some beautiful flowers and we walked around for a while. We crossed the river and when we got near Le Coq, he drug me down a side street to look around. I suspected nothing and happily followed. We circumvented the restaurant for about 45 minutes. I should have suspected something when he didn't complain when I made him come with me from shop to shop looking. Normally he HATES this, but I figured he wasn't complaining because it was my birthday.  Ha!  Finally we walked to Le Coq and went in and there sat the Contessa, Hoosier Mom and a few other friends!  Surprise!  How awesome, was that?  BTW, the Coq au Vin nearly made me weep it was so good.

*I made this cake for Principessa's 6th birthday earlier this month. Cute, huh? Principessa liked it.  As you can tell by the big smile.

*Indy baked me a cake.  Mr. HH put a princess tiara on it.  He bought me one too.

So, Indy and Mr. HH decide to light the candles.

Me: I think we should take that tiara off.
Mr. HH: Why?
Me: It might catch fire.
Mr. HH: Don't be silly.

15 seconds later....WOOSH!

Once we put the fire out, we laughed really hard. I told him he really knew how to make me feel young.

*I had to get another cortisone shot in my foot today. It hurt. A lot.

*Molly Ringwald is on the Today Show. Why does she still look EXACTLY the same?

*It's a gorgeous day but thanks to my allergies, I can't enjoy it.

*Have you seen the new Eclipse trailer? Awesomeness. Edward. Mmmmmmmmm.

*I dreamed that I set up a breakfast for Mr. HH and Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. I told Mr. HH about this on the phone and he got really excited. I reminded him that wasn't really going to happen and he seemed somehow deflated. I mean I guess it could happen. You know, if Paul and Ringo read my blog and think it's a really good idea. Why wouldn't they?

*I miss Katie Couric on the Today Show.

*I've been wearing open toe shoes for a week now! Yay for warmer weather!!!!

*On one of the military families boards I frequent we were discussing whether or not USAA (a military bank) would be included in government banking reforms or not. Someone made a comment that has to be the single best thing I've ever read on a military message board:

Urgh getting so frustrated with this gov't interfering with military!

I'll just let that sink in.

*I started Jillian Michaels 30 Shred. She is evil. Evil. Level 1 nearly killed me. I can't imagine what's on level 3. A facebook friend (actually he's a former boyfriend who's now gay) said level 3 likely involves water boarding. I fear he might be right.

*Oh, the irony.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Warning! Keep calm.

See this cute little bookmark? I have one. I use it. It holds my place, exactly like it should and it makes me smile, plus it's way cuter than a raggedy piece of paper torn from one of Indy's worksheets (or a piece of toilet paper which I have used on occasion. Don't judge me). I give it 5 stars. For those who may not know, it is based on posters commissioned by the British Government during WWII. This poster was the 3rd in a series of three motivational posters designed by the Ministry of Information. The first 2 posters (Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory and Freedom Is In Peril) were widely produced and placed on public transport, shop windows and notice boards all across Britain.Two and half million copies were printed in August of 1939 and were to distributed in the event of a Nazi invasion. It is believed most of the posters were destroyed after the war, except for those in the National Archives and the Imperial War Museum, and a few that ended up on various office walls.   An original was rediscovered in 2000 in a second hand bookstore. The Crown Copyright expires after 50 years, and the image became public domain. Since it's rediscovery it has become incredibly popular and inspired an entire line of products, including my cute little bookmark. What's the point in all this? Aside from a mini history lesson (you're welcome), I have a gripe. I know, you're incredibly shocked aren't you? MIHH? Griping? NO! It does happen, gentle reader, but fear not.  Or, should I say, Keep Calm and Carry On? 
On the back of the bookmark is, get this, a warning. War-ning.  On a bookmark.  Scroll back up and look at the bookmark.  I'll wait.  You get a good look?  Okay.  Here's the text:  WARNING: Includes small parts.  Not for children under 3 years.  Are you kidding?  Yes, I get that the bead is likely a choking hazard, but haven't we gone a little far with this CYA mentality?  Are we so litigious these days that even bookmarks have to carry warnings?  Europeans don't have warnings on everything in case some idiot person decides to hand their 7 month old a bookmark to chew on.  They have, what is usually known as "personal responsibility" which is something Americans, with their love of suing everyone for everything, seem to have forgotten about.  Here's the thing, coffee is generally hot.  If you spill it on yourself, you might get burned.  Coffee cups should not have to come with a warning.  Eating fast food every day will likely make you fat.  Happy Meals shouldn't have to come with a warning.  If you put your head in a plastic bag, you might run out of oxygen and die.  Bags shouldn't have to carry warnings.  I'm tired of being warned of every possible bad thing that can happen.  Use some common sense people.  Don't give babies bookmarks.  Be careful with your coffee.  Stop suing and take some responsibility for your actions.

Wow, I feel so much better, getting that out.  If you stuck with me through the whole thing, thanks.  You're awesome.  Obviously.  And, if you'd like to get your very own Keep Calm bookmark (and why wouldn't you for $2.95?) you can find one here:

Or, If you like, you too, can get your very own reproduction poster. Tell me we don't all need to look at this daily.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RTT: My lips taste like hunger


*Last night after we finished dinner and Mr. HH and I were still drinking wine, Arf (our smallest and most annoying dog) started fussing, probably because we were having fish and he knew by the smell. The dogs usually get the skin after we finish dinner, and I guess he wanted it.  We generally do not encourage this kind of behavior as it is most irritating, but we were finished and had wine and well, whatever. Indy got up and walked over and gave me a kiss and then Mr. HH.
To Mr. HH: "Your lips taste like wine!" Arf was still fussing under the table.
Indy:  "Do you know what Arf is saying?"
Me:  "No, what?"
Indy:  "My lips taste like hunger. Feed me!"
Mr. HH and I nearly (nearly) spilled our wine laughing. You can't make this stuff up.

*My downstairs neighbor is still stranded in Greece and have limited internet access. I told them I'd search for available trains to get them home and email it to them (they can access the internet, but not for long). Last night I dreamed I was on trains all night. I woke up exhausted from traveling.

*I keep seeing this on my side bar.  Amazon really does know me.  I'm so excited!  I can't wait to read it!  Now if only she'd finish Midnight Sun and publish it!  For those who don't know (why are you reading my blog?) it's Twilight told from Edward's perspective.  All Edward, all the time.  Yummy!

*Spring is great.  Allergies?  Well, let's be honest, they suck.  Big time.  If I don't medicate, I'm miserable (and look pretty awful), and if I do medicate, I'm a zombie.  But not the kind that eats brains so if you see me on the street, please don't try to kill me.  Thanks.

*Someone from Apple "lost" a next generation iPhone in a bar.  I'm not buying the story.  Or the phone.

*Why is it every time I hear "the next generation" I think of Jean Luc Picard?  Damn you Gene Roddenberry.

*Mr. HH and I watched Up in the Air last night.  What a quirky movie.  If you haven't seen it, give it a look.  If you don't like it, it's not my fault.

*Speaking of movies, the Contessa and I went to see Date Night this weekend.  Hi-wait for it-larious.  I heart Steve Carell and Tina Fey big time.  Together, they were gold. Go see it.  If you don't like it, there's something wrong with you.  Oh, and you get to see lots of shirtless Mark Wahlberg.  (He'll always be Marky-Mark to me).

*One of my dogs has the worst gas.  Truly, it's horrible.  Do not envy me.  Probably the fish skin.

*OMG, I watched GLEE the other night!  I was positively GLEEful!  I can't wait for the Madonna episode!  Shut up, you can't either.

*Thanks for letting me know:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ashes to Ashes

Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably heard about the volcano in Iceland. I'd type the name out, but it has about 57 letters in it and I have yet to figure out what order they go in.  What's up with the crazy name, Iceland?  I thought German was bad!
Since most of my readers are in the US and aren't directly affected by the volcano fall out (unless of course you planned a fab European getaway, in which case, I'm sorry and hope you bought the travel insurance), I thought I'd tell you how insane it is here in Europe.  Insanity!  Mr. HH was stranded in Poland, but made it home yesterday by train.  He had to go via Berlin, which is a long way out of the way, but it was all he could get.  He said the trains (he was on 4 of them) were absolutely packed.  Many people didn't have seats and sat in the corridors, vestibules and along the aisles with their suitcases.  For those who don't know, in Europe, you can pay extra for a reserved seat (it's not much and so worth it), or you can just buy your ticket and take your chances.  You may get a seat (you can only sit in unreserved seats) or not.  A lot of times, that is not, which is why I always pay for a seat.  Mr. HH was starved when he got home because there was no time between trains to get something to eat at the stations, the food trolley couldn't make it through the train and he said it was impossible to walk on the train to get to the food car.  Bummer.
Many people in our community are stranded in some far flung places across Europe.  My downstairs neighbors are in Athens and can't get home.  I talked to them last night and they were able to get ferry tickets on Tuesday to Italy, and are hoping to catch a train on Tuesday or Wed back into Germany.  Another friend managed to get from Morocco to Madrid, only to be told there are no available rental cars or train tickets (even without a seat).  At least 10 of the teachers at our local elem. school are stranded in Tunisia and Malta and have no hope of returning home before Wed or Thurs at the earliest.  Not that it matters as half the students are stranded too.  Many soldiers had taken the week off to spend Spring Break with their families, and have been  thwarted in their attempts to get home.  Even routine military flights are grounded.  It's craziness, the likes of which I don't think have ever been seen before.
Air travel has become such an integral park of our daily lives, and even as far as we've come technology wise, it's always interesting to see  that Mother Nature can easily put us back in our place.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear So and So: The evening edition

Dear So and So...

Apparently I drank more than I thought at the wine tasting last week because I've been too fuzzy to blog.  Actually, that's a total lie. I've just been lazy.  Bad blogger!!!! I'm back in the saddle though and ready for some Dear So and So. You with me? Good.  It's evening here and I'm joining in late, but better late than never, right?

Dear birds,

I realize the days are getting longer and the sun comes up much earlier and stays up much later than it has for the past 6 months. This is reason to rejoice, I agree. However, must you sing outside my and Indy's windows at 5:30 am and still be there singing at 9pm? This is really annoying. It wakes Indy early (and he likes to sleep late, so this is a big deal) and causes him to call me every 10 minutes to complain after he's gone to bed. Could you cut me some slack here? Oh, sure, I know in the movies it looks all cutesy to have a bird wake you with singing and maybe this is where you got the idea (What? You could totally watch movies if you wanted), but let me assure you, it's ONLY in the movies that people want you singing outside their windows at 5:30am. Okay?


Dear Mr. HH,

While I'm sad that your flight was canceled and you probably won't be home before Sunday thanks to the crazy volcano ash cloud, please, for the love of all that is holy, don't try to make me feel bad for you. You have to stay in $200 a night, 4 star hotel (that the Army is paying for), with breakfast and maid service and have to eat out every day and get to tour around Warsaw until you can get a flight out. Boo-freaking-hoo. I'm at home with piles of laundry, Easter decor that needs to be lugged to the basement, 3 dogs who have to go out 4-5 times a day, cook for and feed the boy and clean the house (where is my maid service?), not to mention dealing with the stupid birds (see above letter). And you wonder why I get jealous when you go TDY. Gah!


Dear Friends Husband,

You are "trapped" in Paris. Boo-hoo to you too.


Dear JAG (the TV show),

I {heart} you big time. I can't imagine a more improbably military show, but really, I love you. Solid acting, good cinematography, good writing and good cast chemistry. I can forgive you your sometimes silly stories. I'm sad you're no longer on the air, but so happy the library has all your seasons on DVD. It also gives me great material to rag on Hoosier Mom's dh, who is an Army JAG lawyer, but never has to jet off to Italy to defend a pilot and convince the Italian gov't not to shut down all the US bases or single handedly save a ship from Cuban terrorists trying to kill Castro with Navy missiles. :) Just kidding Hoosier Dad. You're no Harmon Rabb, but Mr. HH and I think you're awesome.


Dear Johnny Depp,

I'm so sorry for ignoring you for so long. I assure you, it was not intentional. Believe me, I think of you all the time. I know you think I've been lured away by the much younger Edward (though technically he's older than you), and I do admit to being "dazzled" by him (I totally crack myself up sometimes), and yes, I've strayed, but believe me, compared to you, his is nothing. Call me. Kisses.


Dear Edward,

You've got to leave me alone. You're getting in the way of me and Johnny being together. I know, I know, Bella is getting old and nagging at you all the time (Edward, why do you smell like her? Edward, where have you been? Edward, please stop buying me things. Blah, blah, blah),and that I'm exactly your type (no pun intended),but really, it's just too intense.  I don't mean any of this. Call me. I'll find a way to make it work.


I always feel so happy after writing a Dear So and So.  You should try it.  Go hit the button and head over to Kat's to link up.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Vino Veritas

Oh, Pliny the Elder, how right you were.  Last night I went to a wine tasting held by the HD Community Spouses Club Wine Club (which I may be head of next year-the wine club, not the Spouses Club because that is waaaay too much work and responsibility). One of the perks of being the Wine Club chair and wine swag from the vendors.

So, I went with The Contessa, T.O.M. and Chiquitita.  There were about 17 of us in all (much fewer than last month, but it is Spring Break and everyone seems to be jetting off or getting ready to jet off to some place exotic-except me).  The wines last night were Italian.  I'm still working on enjoying Italian because many of them are too strong for me, but there are a few I like and, let's be honest, I'm always up to try something new.

Me, The Contessa and Chiquitita at the beginning of the evening.

The first wine we tried was Villa Castalda Prosecco.  For those not familiar with prosecco, it's a white bubbly wine.  I hesitate to call it a "sparkling wine: because the bubbles are much finer than those found in normal sparkling wine.  It was a bit dry, though it tasted lovely.  Crisp, and fruity and would be delicious in a mimosa or with a splash of pomegranate juice and pomegranate seeds floating in it.  Yum.

The second wine was Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, which is apparently the number 1 selling Pinot Grigio world wide.   It smelled of golden apples, pears and walnut and had a crisp taste with a hint of spice on the end.  It was a nice wine that would be delicious on a warm summer evening.

Next up was Di Mojo Norante Sangiovese.  This was a red wine that I did not like.  It was too dry and smelled and tasted strongly of tobacco.  I'm not a fan of wines with tobacco as a smell or a flavor and this one was overpowering to me.  Maybe if it had been aged longer, it would have mellowed, but it was not for me.

 The Contessa, T.O.M. and The Flea Market Queen

After that we had Tommasi Crearo, which was HEAVY.  It's a "Super Venetian" which apparently means it's a blend of a few different grapes.  It was so heavy, you could only put a little in your mouth at a time.  It smelled strongly of currants, black cherry and dark chocolate.  It had a very strong dark chocolate finish, which was nice, but again, it was so heavy, I couldn't drink much of it.

Finally, we had Gigi Rosso Dolcino, which was my hands down favorite.  OMG!  So good.  It was a medium red that was soft, smooth and sweet, and tasted of deep red fruits.  Oh, my was this good!  The lady running the wine tasting suggested trying it with chocolate and she was soooooo right. It was amazing with dark chocolate. 

 This is us towards the end of the evening.   Look how we all look a little glassy eyed.  Good times, people, good times.

I drank about 4 glasses of the Dolcino.  It was that good.  Unfortunately it was also sneaky.  Sneaky in that it was like "Oh, hey MIHH!  How are you?  Want to be friends?  Yes, you do.  Drink me.  I'm delicious.  Oh, don't worry about the alcohol, you had bread and cheese.  You'll be fine." and then 30 minutes later BAM!  The alcohol kicks in and you can barely tell which way is up, especially since you had 4 wines before it.  Fortunately we lived within walking distance of the wine tasting, so it wasn't bad getting home.  Once I did though, I went to bed straight away and slept like a very happy baby. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear So and So: Back on the interwebs

Dear So and So...

  Kat hosts Dear So and So every Friday.  It's where you get to write letters to those who have annoyed you during the week.  Oh sure, you could write positive letters, but who wants to read that?  Yawn.  Let's get started, shall we?

Dear TKS/T-Mobile/Devils who run the internet service in Germany,

FOUR days with no interwebs? Are you kidding me? You realize that's like making a junkie or an alcoholic go cold turkey, right? Seriously. Mr. HH and I were practically shaking in withdrawal. We constantly checked the connection, yelled at our computers, yelled at the modem, and paced the house, grumbling and talking to ourselves. I think I even blogged out loud, but that could have been a withdrawal hallucination. I can't be sure. Of course we won't get any kind of prorated bill for those 4 days, but what can you do? They control the connection. Bastards.

Thinking of joining a 12 step group,
MIHH (And Mr. HH)

Dear Dutch,

I have talked many times about how stupid slow you are. Every time I give you a bath, which I did yesterday (because I had no interwebs and what else was I going to do, clean?), I am reminded how not smart you are. Normal dogs, like the other 2 turn their heads down when the shower sprayer is being on their head. You, you silly dog, actually hold your head up toward the sprayer and snort water down your nose, practically drowning yourself in the shower. It's a good thing you're sweet, lovable and pretty, because you are not smart.  It's sad really, because you are an incredibly loving and pretty dog.  I suppose you can't have looks and brains.

Loving you and your dumb self,
MIHH (but you can call me Mommy, though you probably think of me as the lady who gives you food)

Dear New Blogger Editing Template,

I love some of your features (like the whole uploading photos and having them on the photo tray waiting for me to put you where I want you-GENIUS), but I'm having issues with you in the compose screen. Why is it when I hit "enter" my cursor doesn't move, but the lines below do? I want my cursor to reset. That's why I hit "enter." Yes, I can move it manually, but um, hello? Enter! It works fine in the Edit HTML screen, but not so much in Compose. This is very annoying. Please fix this.

Annoyed (and lazy),

Dear Abs,
I know I've been working you out more than normally lately. I know it's not fun, but the constant pain every time I move in bed, pick something up, stand, sit, laugh is really getting old. I have to work you hard. If I don't, you'll get even flabbier and I can't have that. Just accept that you're going to get worked out. The stronger you get, the less you will hurt.


Dear Library,

You rock my world and have saved me about a gazillion dollars in books.  However, the 37 emails a week reminding me that I have an overdue book is starting to get to me.  I know the books are overdue.  I'm still reading them and will return them when I'm done.  I can't check anything else out until I return what I already have, so it's not like I'm just going to keep checking books out and not return them.  You'll get them when I'm done.    I can't block you because you also let me know when a book I've requested is in (which I appreciate) but quit sending me overdue emails!

Overdue but knowing it,

Dear Readers,

If you feel like joining in, hit the button and run over to Kat's to enter your link.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

RTT: Easter and other nonsense

Huzzah! Yesterday was Monday, so that makes today, what? TUESDAY How very smart we are today.

*Why is it so hard to find regular jelly beans? If I wanted Starburst or Skittles, I'd buy those. I don't want my jelly beans flavored like them.

*While we're at it, what's with all the weird egg coloring kits? Does EVERYTHING have to have a movie/cartoon tie in? What's with the stickers and crazy colors? Or the tie dye? Or squirt paint? What's wrong with plain old PAAS colors? Kids are too spoiled these days. In my day, we had 6 colors. And we liked it.

*Indy likes to refer to himself as a Carnivore. I fall under the Herbivore category, but every time he says it, he calls me a "Whoreavore." Think I should be worried?

*WHY do egg companies stamp their eggs? Don't they know it messes with the pretty when you color them for Easter? Sheesh.

*Mr. HH is still lobbying for a new nickname. I've been giving it thought. I'm not sold on it. He's like me to call him Captain Awesome (like Devon on CHUCK), but I'm thinking not. I considered Chief Awesome, which is his rank (the Chief part, not the Awesome part), but still, I'm not in love with it. Indy's still rooting for Grumpy.

*I think the rank structure for Warrant Officers in the military sucks. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Get a cuppa. This is going to be long. A WO1 (Warrant Officer 1) is officially called Mr. Lastname. Hey, guess what? So is every other guy on the street. They've been through years of military service as well as some very expensive and intense training to become a Warrant. They deserve better than "Mr." After they are promoted to CW2 (Chief Warrants Officer 2-which Mr. HH is), they care called Chief Lastname. That's okay, except that they Navy has an entire NCO tier of enlisted called Chief (Chief, Senior Chief and Master Chief) and the Air Force highest enlisted rank is a Chief Master Sgt. See what I'm saying? Once they get promoted to CW2, they are called Chief Lastname forever (well, until they retire), so if you're on the phone with Chief Joe, how do you know if he's a CW2 or a CW5 (which is the highest Warrant Rank)? CW5's have generally been in the military a loooooong time and are serious military folks. When they talk, you listen, because odds are they have been there and done that, got the t-shirt and occasionally, they wrote the manual you are using to figure out what you're supposed to do. Don't they deserve a bit more respect than to be called Chief, just like a CW2, who basically had to not screw up for 2 years to get that rank? No offense to Mr. HH and other CW2's because they do work hard and have been through a lot, but really, if you make it through the first 2 years without screwing up, you get promoted. Those of higher rank deserve more respect and their own title. Not fair, I say. Not fair. Would it be that hard to give them a rank structure that differentiates them from the other ranks?

*OMG, that was a lot to type. Are you still with me?

*Indy has tennis lessons which are kind of hilarious for me to watch. He loves tennis and gets so excited. When he's not actually hitting the ball or running a drill (there are several kids in his lesson, so they each have some down time) he keeps himself busy. He dances a lot. A lot. And plays guitar with his racket. And dances. Sometimes he just runs around flailing his hands in the air and flapping his racket above his head. When he's done with a drill, he looks to me and gives me a thumbs up before dancing his way back to the end of the line. Hilarious.

*Did you know Montel Williams was on JAG? He played a Navy SEAL on 3 episodes. I know this because Mr. HH and I are watching the seasons on DVD from the library. I love this show. Montel Williams was a Navy Officer in real life.

*Hoosier Mom's dh (I guess that would make him Hoosier Dad) is a JAG lawyer. Mr. HH and I want to know why he doesn't get flown all over Europe to investigate cool stuff and escort princesses and rock stars on USO tours around, like Harm does on JAG.  Hoosier Mom is terrible at updating her blog.  She's awesome as a person, but a bad blogger.  :)  You should all go over there and comment on her last post (back in FEB!) and tell her she needs to update.

*Apparently Indy is going to marry our good friend's little girl, Jilly Bean.  She looooooves him and he loves her (though not as emphatically).  We lived in the same building the last time we were in HD.  Indy was about a year and a half old when Jilly Bean was born and he absolutely loved her when she was a baby.  We moved to the States when Indy was 2 and Jilly Bean just under a year and later so did they.  A few years later they moved back to Kaiserslaughtern, Germany.   About a month after we moved back to HD, so did they.  Indy and Jilly Bean have been great friends every since.  She's now decided they are going to get married.  Yay!  Indy said they're going to live with me and Mr. HH and have 3 children (all boys). 

*Why do the military have to salute members of Congress?  What have they done to deserve it?

*I need more shoes.  Shut up.  I do.

*This morning Indy and I had a "conversation."
Indy: Mom! Make me breakfast! I'm starving.
Me: Make your own.
Indy: I don't want to.
Me: Me either.
Indy: But I'm starving!
Me: Well, you know where the kitchen is.
Indy:'re my mom! I need breakfast.
Me: That is quite a conundrum.
Indy: I know what that means!
Me: Good.
Indy: But I'm still starving!
Me: [giving him the look]
Indy: So, you want me to just starve to death?
Me: Yes. That's exactly what I want.
Indy: But I do not want to make myself breakfast!
Me: [silence]
Indy: Fine! But I'm not going to forget this.

*Edward.  Mmmmmmmmmm.

*Whew, I had a lot to say! I'll leave you with this very, very odd sign.  Why would this be on the subway?

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Oh, I'm such a slacker! I can't believe I haven't posted since last week. In my defense, I've been really lazy busy mostly slacking off, but that's beside the point.  Wednesday I was still languishing in the brilliance that was RTT and Thursday, Indy and I went up to Wiesbaden to the Titanic exhibit with our local homeschool group, which was amazing.  And sad.  I'll post about that over on my homeschool blog Bent Grass Prep when I get around to it.
Friday was a German holiday (OMG, the holidays!) so nothing was open. In some ways I respect the fact that the Germans don't look at a holiday as an excuse for a sale, but in other ways, having everything shut down is a total PITA. There has to be some sort of happy medium. Since nothing was open, I ran errands to the American shops in preparation for our Easter Brunch. Saturday, I ran all over creation to the German stores to get the other stuff I needed and because today is Easter Monday (another holiday!), I had to get water to get us through until tomorrow (we drink a lot of water). Seriously, after Fasching (Mardi Gras), there are so many holidays over here you have to stock up when stores are open.
On Sunday we had a ton of people over for Easter Brunch. It was pretty laid back, but fun. We had 16 adults and 9 children (10 if you count the 3 week old baby that we all wanted to hold and coo over). Satakieli and Mikey were here and he was so cute and funny.  The kids went out and hunted eggs and ate waaaaaay to much candy, but hey it was Easter.  Why not?  It was nice to have a big group of friends over and sit around gabbing and eating.  Yay!  After everyone left, I had to start baking cakes because today was Principessa's birthday and the Contessa could not find a cake other than those from the commissary, which are over priced and not all that great.  Her party was today after school and fun, if a little chilly.  I'll try to get photos of the cake up later this week who am I kidding? and tell you all about the birthday surprise Mr. HH pulled off for me.  Tomorrow is Random Thoughts Tuesday, so it will have to be after that.  I'm not going to miss RTT to talk about my birthday.   Who doesn't love RTT?  Nobody, that's who.  See you tomorrow!

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