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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RTT: With a Rebel Yell


She cried more, more, more.... :) Such an inappropriate song, yet it's been stuck in my head all day.  And now I pass it on to you.  Enjoy.

Speaking of rebel, I'm rebelling up with Stacy the award wining vintner (that's a weird word, no?) for yet another Tuesday without Keely.  Let's get on with the randoming.

*Remember 2 weeks ago when I RTT'd that I watch a lot of TV? Yeah, last night it became evident that maybe I watch too much. We were watching CNN and they were talking about the Casey Anthony trial (you know she did it) and they were talking about the specific difficulties each side would have with their case.  For the prosecution they said it would be tough because when they found the remains it was just skeletal, which meant they couldn't provide a cause of death or the secondary charge of child abuse.  In my over TV'd mind thought Sure they can!  Bones and Booth do it every week!  And sometimes they only have partial remains to work with.  An intervention may be required.

*While I'm on the subject of Bones, can I just tell you how upset I am over the season finale?  WORST.SEASON.FINALE.EVER.  EVER.  I feel cheated and hope Hart Hanson (creator of the show) comes up with something that knocks my socks off for the season premier in Sept, to make up for that crap fest they aired last week.  Honestly.  Six years of waiting and that's what we get?  Bastards.

*Also on my list are the Castle and Chuck finales.  I'm less upset over Castle, though the finale irritated me (really, Montgomery was the 3rd cop?  Gah!) I can deal with it, but Chuck? It was great, and would have been almost perfect except for the very last freaking minute.  No.  Just no.  If you watch these shows you know what I'm talking about.  If you don't watch them, what's wrong with you?

*Indy is a bit of a TV junkie too (I know, we're bad parents, blah, blah, shut up, you use the TV as a babysitter too, don't deny it.).  He's very upset that Oprah is ending.  Why?  Because it means he can never go on a "Favorite Things" show.  He's all about the swag.   I'm so proud.

*Han Solo is now 7 weeks old.  He's also much happier than he has been.  He too has a milk protein allergy and reflux, but now the Zantac and prescription formula he's on seem to have made a difference.  He's a really pretty baby (and no, I'm not just saying that, he really IS), and I told James Bond it's a good thing he's so pretty, because he's a complete grump. I call him my grumpopotamus.

*OMG, I'm sick of hearing about Arnold and the love child.  Who cares?  The news media needs to get back to reporting real news (there are still 2 wars going on) and leave the celeb gossip to the rag mags and Perez Hilton. 

*Hey, what happened to the Rapture?  I guess it's a good thing I didn't go out and run those credit cards ups, huh?  Oh, now he's saying he was off by 5 months though, so apparently it's coming in Oct.   Maybe I should run them up then?

*Did you know that Bob Marley used to live in Wilmington, Delaware?  Doesn't that seem like an odd place for him to have lived?  When I think Reggae, Delaware just doesn't come to mind.

*Apparently an Egyptian father named his newborn daughter “Facebook” to commemorate the role Facebook played in the recent Egyptian revolution. Her full name is Facebook Jamal Ibrahim.  I hope when she grows up she rebels against him for giving her such a crap name.  Why do people do that to their children?

*The Code of Hammurabi (1800 B.C.) includes a law that punishes fraudulent wine sellers: They were to be drowned in a river.  I think we should still have this law today.  I hate bad wine!

*Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the first president to ever be photographed at his inauguration?  It's true. In the photo, he is standing near John Wilkes Booth, his future assassin.  

 *But where is here?

Click the cool pic above (now with added wine glass!) to read all the other randoms!


VandyJ said...

Turbo is a bit of a TV junkie too. I thought he maybe had watched one to many CSI episodes when he asked if someone who had died had been murdered. Bad parenting moment #157 I think.

Deb said...

I'm old enough to remember getting our first television set, so it was never used as a babysitter back then, BUT I'm still a TV junkie!! My husband is as well and he's 4 yrs older than I am. We're not, however, couch potatoes - we tell ourselves it's all about "balance"!! Ha...

Kristine said... I've got Billy Idol stuck in my brain...better than the other shit stuck in my brain...but still. LMFAO

Have an awesome random Tuesday!

Harriet said...

Don't even get me started on that Casey Anthony trial after this latest thing...

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Ok you can hate me but I liked the Bones finale. I didn't EXPECT something mind-blowing because to them, the whole actual hooking up isn't as momentous as it would be to fans, you know? I mean, at first I was all, "Hey, I want to SEE that scene, dammit." But thinking rationally once I stopped hyperventilating, I still trust Hanson to give us exactly what we want in the sesson 7 premier. I hope, anyway!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I started my post with a "random" 80's song thing too. Weird...


Stacy Uncorked said...

OMG I had the same thought about Casey Anthony's bones and needing Bones to figure out her cause of death!! We might be hanging out in an intervention together in the future... ;)

While I didn't hate the Bones finale, it was kind of a let-down after all they hype and hoopla - it was sort of anticlimactic. But I did read an interview with the creator that says next season will knock our socks off, so there's that. ;) On that list of anticlimactic (and not mega cliff hangers) were Castle, Chuck and The Mentalist. What had an AWESOME finale and cliff-hanger - Hawaii Five-0. If you haven't added that one to your TV overload, you really need to. Trust me.

7 weeks already? Time is flying by way too fast already!! And pictures? Where are pictures of the pretty grump? ;)

That poor Egyptian girl! I hope she rebels because of her name, too.

I like that law - I hate bad wine, too! Which is one of the reasons I started making it myself! Luckily I won't be drowned in a river any time soon...*whew!* ;) I'm going to have to figure out a way to send you some - seriously!

Thanks for being a fellow rebel with me again! :)

Chicken Salad, Marathon Dog, and I'm a Winner - or is that Wine-r?

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Fellow TV junkie here!! Too funny about the Bones comparison...well, not funny, but still....

Raven said...

Inappropriate songs are usually the best songs.

I watch a lot of tv on Netflix. Mostly Doctor Who and Scrubs right now, but Bones and Law & Order are in my queue, and a bunch more I can't recall. I'm psyched cuz all my fave shows come out with new seasons on DVD this summer.

Both my kids are tv junkies too, so you won't find me judging you. If it weren't for Nickelodean when they were younger, not all of us would have lived to see today.

Arnold is a wanker. I don't understand why people are surprised by his behavior.

This will be the 3rd time this Camping guy predicted the Rapture. He predicted it in Sept. of '94 too.

Another couple just named their kid 'Like' on account of the FB like button. Some people should never be allowed to breed.

Happy RTT!!

Captain Dumbass said...

I didn't mind the Bones finale, and what bothered me most in Castle was how much time Beckett *dreamy eyes* was spending in front of open windows for the whole damn show.


Toni said...

I felt the EXACT SAME WAY about the Bones finale! Actually I posted that exact sentence on Twitter after it was over. "I feel cheated." What the heck!? We better get a whole bunch of flashbacks! Was it just that one time? Have B&B been seeing each other secretly for a while? I'm so upset!

I did like the Castle finale though. It totally surprised me. I like that. I don't watch Chuck.

Aww, poor Indy. I know the feeling but only because it was my dream to be able to take my Mom to an Oprah show taping. She's a HUGE fan. I'm sad now.

Arnold? Blah! Didn't care about his movies, don't care about his personal life either.

I'm late responding to these but I'm here! Have a great weekend!

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