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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Christening Gown

My little man is growing up. He'll be 2 months old on June 4. Coincidentally that's also the same day we're having him Christened. We are so thrilled that Hoosier Mom and her husband, JAG, are going to be his godparents.

When Indy was Christened, I knew I wanted him in a Christening GOWN, not a suit.  James Bond was less than thrilled because, well, he's a boy, but I won out (of course) and bought him a gorgeous blue Christening gown with a sailor collar and sailor cap from a shop in England.  He looked adorable.  James Bond didn't even mind that it was a gown until some lady came up to us after mass and said "She looks adorable!"  JB gave me the See!  See! look and I had the urge to smack her.  I was in church though so I refrained.  I ask you, does he look like a girl?

Anyway, for Han Solo's Christening, I knew I wanted another gown, but have only been able to find ONE blue gown and it's the same one Indy had.  I wanted the boys to each have their own gown, so they could pass them down to their children, but was getting frustrated with the girly looking gowns I found.   I wanted a blue gown, but wanted one that didn't have a sailor collar.  After HOURS of online searching I was lucky enough to stumble on a little shop on (seriously the Brits do gorgeous Christening clothes) that had some lovely boy gowns.  Better yet, the owner is willing to customize each gown (they are made to order), so I sent her a message asking if she could make the gown I liked in blue.  Her response was yes!  Huzzah!  Her name is Mandy and her shop is called First Blessings Christening Wear and her work is amazing!  Not only that, she's quick!  I ordered the gown and it was shipped to me 4 days later!  It is so beautiful I almost cried when I pulled it out of the box.  It's a silk gown and fully lined to protect Han Solo's delicate baby skin.  Want to see it?  Of course you do!

Look at that tiny little bow tie!

It has a matching sailor style hat made out of the blue material, but I haven't taken a photo of that yet.  Could you die from how gorgeous this thing is?  I can tell you that the stitching is perfect and each seam arrow straight.  If you're (or someone you know) looking for a Christening gown (or suit) for a boy or a girl, you need to check out her site.  She ships world wide!

On a funny little side note, I was so impressed with her work, I had to call her and thank her for it in person.  Her husband answered the phone and I could hear their conversation as he was handing the phone off to her.  She asked who it was and he said "I don't know. Some American.  Must be Mrs. Obama."  I thought it was hilarious.  Take a moment to check out her site and ooh and ahh over the beautiful work she does.  It will make you want to have a baby just to buy one of these outfits.


Michele Feltman Strider said...

I've long been convinced that the real reason people have kids is the tiny, adorable clothes.;-)

That gown is just exquisite!

Toni said...

It's adorable!

Raven said...

Both of the gowns are just beautiful! Manly, but beautiful! ;)

Mrs. Obama-LMAO

French said...

You had me laughing; I love Indy's gown, and absolutely he looks like a Boy! Seriously, girl babies don't wear blue, Blue for a Boy! I love the little bow tie; if I had known I would have found something French, but of course the gowns are vintage and tiny; Babies have gotten Bigger. Have a wonderful weekend~

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