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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RTT: Cakes, Birthdays, Fires and other things


*My birthday was a month ago today. I guess I could finally tell you what Mr. HH did, huh? He told me we were going to dinner at a nice restaurant (with reservations!) and that The Contessa would be watching Indy. We got on the b6servation time wrong, it was 7, not 6. It was 5:45 and we were approximately 15 minutes away. Great a whole hour. When we got off the bus we went over to a flower seller and he bought me some beautiful flowers and we walked around for a while. We crossed the river and when we got near Le Coq, he drug me down a side street to look around. I suspected nothing and happily followed. We circumvented the restaurant for about 45 minutes. I should have suspected something when he didn't complain when I made him come with me from shop to shop looking. Normally he HATES this, but I figured he wasn't complaining because it was my birthday.  Ha!  Finally we walked to Le Coq and went in and there sat the Contessa, Hoosier Mom and a few other friends!  Surprise!  How awesome, was that?  BTW, the Coq au Vin nearly made me weep it was so good.

*I made this cake for Principessa's 6th birthday earlier this month. Cute, huh? Principessa liked it.  As you can tell by the big smile.

*Indy baked me a cake.  Mr. HH put a princess tiara on it.  He bought me one too.

So, Indy and Mr. HH decide to light the candles.

Me: I think we should take that tiara off.
Mr. HH: Why?
Me: It might catch fire.
Mr. HH: Don't be silly.

15 seconds later....WOOSH!

Once we put the fire out, we laughed really hard. I told him he really knew how to make me feel young.

*I had to get another cortisone shot in my foot today. It hurt. A lot.

*Molly Ringwald is on the Today Show. Why does she still look EXACTLY the same?

*It's a gorgeous day but thanks to my allergies, I can't enjoy it.

*Have you seen the new Eclipse trailer? Awesomeness. Edward. Mmmmmmmmm.

*I dreamed that I set up a breakfast for Mr. HH and Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. I told Mr. HH about this on the phone and he got really excited. I reminded him that wasn't really going to happen and he seemed somehow deflated. I mean I guess it could happen. You know, if Paul and Ringo read my blog and think it's a really good idea. Why wouldn't they?

*I miss Katie Couric on the Today Show.

*I've been wearing open toe shoes for a week now! Yay for warmer weather!!!!

*On one of the military families boards I frequent we were discussing whether or not USAA (a military bank) would be included in government banking reforms or not. Someone made a comment that has to be the single best thing I've ever read on a military message board:

Urgh getting so frustrated with this gov't interfering with military!

I'll just let that sink in.

*I started Jillian Michaels 30 Shred. She is evil. Evil. Level 1 nearly killed me. I can't imagine what's on level 3. A facebook friend (actually he's a former boyfriend who's now gay) said level 3 likely involves water boarding. I fear he might be right.

*Oh, the irony.

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Everyday Goddess said...

Happy Birthday!

Ringo is my favorite. Can I get in on the breakfast too? :)

I am Harriet said...

You know, I've found that the levels don't get harder. You are just adding time to your workout.

Have a great Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great birthday! I started the 30 day shred and then quit early when I found I was pregnant. That's why I was exhausted 10 minutes into it! At least that's what I'm telling myself. I plan to get back into it post-baby. Also, Becky at Suburban Matron did it and wrote some great posts about it. If I remember right I believe it totally kicked her ass and then she kicked it's ass.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Laughing so hard about your birthday fire...but the party sounded so fun! :) Mr. HH sounds very thoughtful!

I bet MR used her royalties from 16 Candles for Botox.

I miss Katie on the Today Show too. I don't even really watch it anymore. :(

Just call me Yankee said...

That birthday sounds great! Happy RTT.

chnault said...

Feeling so not with it. I thought Jillian Michaels shred was a video game.

On the other side, me and my girls have June 30th penciled in our calendar for Eclipse, but I'm a big werewolf fan.

The Mayor

Amanda said...

That dang government. Always messing with the military. Sheesh.

The birthday fire story was pretty good. I'm still giggling. :)

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