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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

RTT: Easter and other nonsense

Huzzah! Yesterday was Monday, so that makes today, what? TUESDAY How very smart we are today.

*Why is it so hard to find regular jelly beans? If I wanted Starburst or Skittles, I'd buy those. I don't want my jelly beans flavored like them.

*While we're at it, what's with all the weird egg coloring kits? Does EVERYTHING have to have a movie/cartoon tie in? What's with the stickers and crazy colors? Or the tie dye? Or squirt paint? What's wrong with plain old PAAS colors? Kids are too spoiled these days. In my day, we had 6 colors. And we liked it.

*Indy likes to refer to himself as a Carnivore. I fall under the Herbivore category, but every time he says it, he calls me a "Whoreavore." Think I should be worried?

*WHY do egg companies stamp their eggs? Don't they know it messes with the pretty when you color them for Easter? Sheesh.

*Mr. HH is still lobbying for a new nickname. I've been giving it thought. I'm not sold on it. He's like me to call him Captain Awesome (like Devon on CHUCK), but I'm thinking not. I considered Chief Awesome, which is his rank (the Chief part, not the Awesome part), but still, I'm not in love with it. Indy's still rooting for Grumpy.

*I think the rank structure for Warrant Officers in the military sucks. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Get a cuppa. This is going to be long. A WO1 (Warrant Officer 1) is officially called Mr. Lastname. Hey, guess what? So is every other guy on the street. They've been through years of military service as well as some very expensive and intense training to become a Warrant. They deserve better than "Mr." After they are promoted to CW2 (Chief Warrants Officer 2-which Mr. HH is), they care called Chief Lastname. That's okay, except that they Navy has an entire NCO tier of enlisted called Chief (Chief, Senior Chief and Master Chief) and the Air Force highest enlisted rank is a Chief Master Sgt. See what I'm saying? Once they get promoted to CW2, they are called Chief Lastname forever (well, until they retire), so if you're on the phone with Chief Joe, how do you know if he's a CW2 or a CW5 (which is the highest Warrant Rank)? CW5's have generally been in the military a loooooong time and are serious military folks. When they talk, you listen, because odds are they have been there and done that, got the t-shirt and occasionally, they wrote the manual you are using to figure out what you're supposed to do. Don't they deserve a bit more respect than to be called Chief, just like a CW2, who basically had to not screw up for 2 years to get that rank? No offense to Mr. HH and other CW2's because they do work hard and have been through a lot, but really, if you make it through the first 2 years without screwing up, you get promoted. Those of higher rank deserve more respect and their own title. Not fair, I say. Not fair. Would it be that hard to give them a rank structure that differentiates them from the other ranks?

*OMG, that was a lot to type. Are you still with me?

*Indy has tennis lessons which are kind of hilarious for me to watch. He loves tennis and gets so excited. When he's not actually hitting the ball or running a drill (there are several kids in his lesson, so they each have some down time) he keeps himself busy. He dances a lot. A lot. And plays guitar with his racket. And dances. Sometimes he just runs around flailing his hands in the air and flapping his racket above his head. When he's done with a drill, he looks to me and gives me a thumbs up before dancing his way back to the end of the line. Hilarious.

*Did you know Montel Williams was on JAG? He played a Navy SEAL on 3 episodes. I know this because Mr. HH and I are watching the seasons on DVD from the library. I love this show. Montel Williams was a Navy Officer in real life.

*Hoosier Mom's dh (I guess that would make him Hoosier Dad) is a JAG lawyer. Mr. HH and I want to know why he doesn't get flown all over Europe to investigate cool stuff and escort princesses and rock stars on USO tours around, like Harm does on JAG.  Hoosier Mom is terrible at updating her blog.  She's awesome as a person, but a bad blogger.  :)  You should all go over there and comment on her last post (back in FEB!) and tell her she needs to update.

*Apparently Indy is going to marry our good friend's little girl, Jilly Bean.  She looooooves him and he loves her (though not as emphatically).  We lived in the same building the last time we were in HD.  Indy was about a year and a half old when Jilly Bean was born and he absolutely loved her when she was a baby.  We moved to the States when Indy was 2 and Jilly Bean just under a year and later so did they.  A few years later they moved back to Kaiserslaughtern, Germany.   About a month after we moved back to HD, so did they.  Indy and Jilly Bean have been great friends every since.  She's now decided they are going to get married.  Yay!  Indy said they're going to live with me and Mr. HH and have 3 children (all boys). 

*Why do the military have to salute members of Congress?  What have they done to deserve it?

*I need more shoes.  Shut up.  I do.

*This morning Indy and I had a "conversation."
Indy: Mom! Make me breakfast! I'm starving.
Me: Make your own.
Indy: I don't want to.
Me: Me either.
Indy: But I'm starving!
Me: Well, you know where the kitchen is.
Indy:'re my mom! I need breakfast.
Me: That is quite a conundrum.
Indy: I know what that means!
Me: Good.
Indy: But I'm still starving!
Me: [giving him the look]
Indy: So, you want me to just starve to death?
Me: Yes. That's exactly what I want.
Indy: But I do not want to make myself breakfast!
Me: [silence]
Indy: Fine! But I'm not going to forget this.

*Edward.  Mmmmmmmmmm.

*Whew, I had a lot to say! I'll leave you with this very, very odd sign.  Why would this be on the subway?

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Sueann said...

I like the running around the place with his hands waving above his head!! That is hilarious!! Cool kid!!
Just over from UnMom's and enjoyed your post very much. Happy RTT

Stacy Uncorked said...

Yay! You were more long-winded than me! I'm over here doing my Happy Dance - probably not as cool or fun as Indy's dance, though. ;)

I wonder if my hubby knows I refer to him as HH - as in Hovering if he did he might be lobbying for a new nickname too. ;)

My best friend is in the Navy, and I've always thought the military ranks and how people get 'addressed' was confusing...and now more so! ;)

Loved your convo with Indy - sounds like something that would occur in our house! :)

I need more shoes, too.

Maude Lynn said...

That sign is bizarre!

Unknown said...

I am so with you on the Easter egg thing! There was so many kinds and characters to choose from it was ridiculous! I too got the plain old PAAZ!


Captain Dumbass said...

Whoravore! Ha! I'm so going to use that in everyday conversation. I did know Montel was on JAG, but whenever I think of JAG all I can think of is Catherine Bell on the beach in Australia. Sigh. And I would love to be a Master Chief, but that's probably because of all the Halo I've played.

Rachele Bennett said...

Too many egg decorating choices I agree. Also not fond of the stickers and characters.

Maybe you should discuss rank titles with the WC5?

I am Harriet said...

Seems like stamping eggs would be a wasted effort.

Have a great Tuesday!

Allison said...

I've seen the explanation of that sign before, but I have forgotten what all the symbols mean...

And military has to salute congress??? seriously?!? that is stupid.

Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on the rank thing! I mean, I have no connection with it and no authority to speak, so I'm just going to let you speak for me. So now your voice counts double. Sound good?

Love your randomness :-D

Anonymous said...


JennyMac said... should have a contest for new nicknames for Mr HH which I agree with him, he needs another nickname besides Mr HH. :)

Allison said...

I left you something on my blog today :)

Kendra said...

I'm over from RTT and enjoyed your post! The military ranking thing blew my mind. I had no idea there were so many (or lack of) titles.

And why must people paint eggs after they've dyed them. It's too much!

Tina L. Hook said...

I grew up in a military family so I think I can relate to a bit of the culture you are describing.

PS Is it just me or does one of the figures in your subway sign have an erection???

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