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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get your act together and stop the schlump

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment (everything’s fine, don’t worry). I got up and put myself together. Nothing fancy, jeans, cute top (not trendy or expensive, just cute), with a scarf (it’s very European to wear a scarf all the time) and slipped on a pair of super cute high heeled slide sandals (seriously, they’re ridiculously cute). I did my hair and spent about 6 minutes slapping on some moisturizer, face powder, lipstick and mascara. I did not put a lot of effort into getting myself together, but I put some effort.

I sat in the waiting room and looked around at all the other people waiting I wondered why the lack of effort. I mean we were in a waiting room of the doctor’s office and it’s possible that some of these people were indeed sick (though no one really looked like swine flu sick or sick at all to be honest), but even sick, I can brush my hair and put on something other than grubby sweats, a holey t-shirt and flip flops.

I have to say it makes me sad that people (specifically women) take so little pride in themselves and their personal appearance. It doesn’t take much time, effort or even money to look good. Nice clothes can be found at yard sales, thrift stores and second hand shops for very little. Just washing your face, brushing your hair and putting on decent clothes goes a long way though. I just don’t understand why people don’t care about the way they look. I’m not saying I look I look great all the time (believe me, I don’t), but unless I’m half dead I make an effort.

Are you guilty of this? Do you just not care what you look like when you go out? I’m not saying looks are everything, and you should judge people by outward appearances (but let’s be honest here, we all do, even though we know we shouldn’t), but think about the image you put out there. Does it project who you are? Are you a schlump? Are you a woman who puts all her effort into everything but herself? Be proud of yourself! Even if you think you’re overweight or out of shape or you’re tired (believe me, I’m there every day) or you have a million other things to do, take a few minutes for yourself and make an effort. Not only will you look better, you’ll feel better.

And now I’m getting off my soapbox. On which I wore kick ass shoes.

EDIT: Let me climb back up on my box (not as easy as you'd think in these shoes). After reading the comments, I would like to clarify that I'm not saying you should wear makeup every day to look good. Some people are allergic, and while that makes me a little sad for you, it's completely understandable. If you don't wear makeup, that's okay. Even if you don't wear makeup though, you can brush your hair and wear clean, non grubby clothes. Looking decent doesn't mean looking like a fashion plate. It just means you take some pride in your personal appearance. Now, could someone please help me down?


Crazy Shenanigans said...

No, I am not one of those people! I always make sure I never leave the house without brushing my hair and at LEAST putting on foundation.

I went to the dmv earlier in the week and TONS of those people were there. completely gross skanks.

Monica said...


I so agree with your post. I always tell my boys that the first impression is the MOST IMPORTANT impression! And everyone makes quick judgements when they first see you. Sometimes you have a chance to make a bigger impression, but sometimes that first glance is all some people give you.

I always wear mascara even if I am just cleaning toilets lol. I feel better when I look good.

Anne said...

Well, I can only see what you are referring to since I am not on base. But I am GUILTY, of not wearing makeup when I get out of the house (or not always) I am allergic to eyes makeup, so whenever I put on Mascara, after like.. oh 1 hour, I feel like scrapping my eyeball out, so, I just don't care anymore, I just don't put any. I try to put at least some eye shadow and a little blush (just because if I don't I just LOOK sick), I guess I will actually look good at this doctor office of yours, at least I will look sick! ;0) But I always try to put on something that look a little dress up. Even with my sweat pants I tend to wear cute shoes and cute top, and even if most of the time, I am ALL in black (cause sorry it make me feel like I am at least 10lb lighter) I do try to have clean clothes etc... My mother was a nurse and always told me that no matter what you have, just try to go out not looking like a homeless person. Even if I only have to drop off my kids at school, You will NEVER see me in my PJ pants, even if I don't have to get out of the car. No way!!
But on the part of others, I do believe that if they feel like it is the best they can do, then... more power to them, I feel like I would feel totally stupid with some PJ pants or hole in my pants going to the doc! But that is just me! ;-)

satakieli said...

I rarely wear make-up, I'm allergic to most of it. But I always get properly dressed to leave the house unless I'm just taking out the rubbish or something. You'd never catch me wearing sweatpants outside unless I'm actually running, lol.

Aside from making you look better to other people, getting properly dressed makes me feel a million times better. While my husband has been deployed I have been making sure that I make myself get dressed (and dress my son) every day because it would be easy to just get in a slump.

Jessica said...

First of all, thanks for the bloggy award. Second of all, I am guilty of this...more this year than ever! Just last week we went to our home school soccer day. It's at 9 a.m. and while I'm a morning person I was dragging that morning for some reason. I was sitting on the hill with all the moms and a few of them told me they liked my tee shirt, to which I responded, "thanks I slept in it." They looked at me like I was disgusting. I really don't usually go out in something I've slept in, and what was I thinking telling them that!?!

Thanks for reminding me I need to put more effort in my appearance, you couldn't be more right!!

Fiona said...

I usually dress up a little to go out, mostly because I worry that I might run into a student. Since I have to dress up to teach, I imagine that they'd be thinking, "Ewww...she looks nasty in real life."

Perhaps it's paranoia, but it gets me to put on some earrings and nice shoes (I, too, have problems with makeup, so I mostly just put on lipstick and call it a day).

I love scarves, though. You're so right that they dress up anything. And they let you wear something in a fabulous color or a great pattern without committing your whole body to that look. I can only wear them part of the year, though, because it gets sooo hot here. Sweaty scarf = not pretty.

BeautifulWreck said...

I agree with your post. I do not wear makeup everyday and I do dress casually, sometimes just lounge type stuff because I do not have a lot of nice clothes and with kids, well my clothes get roughed up pretty good.

I can only think of two times in all my adult years that I have gone to the doctors office looking like crap. One was after I had one of my babies and was extremely ill, the other time was before a D&C I had. I had to be at the office really early and had been up most the night in tears. I wore crap clothes and just pulled my hair in a pony tail.

I have showed up to three of my four csection with full makeup on and hair fixed tho!

snickie said...

I've done the "schlub" thing. Not too often. There are times I feel it is acceptable to dress like a schlub. Surgery, puking sick, running to the store at midnight because your kids/spouse/friend is sick, working out or doing something that is going to get your clothing filthy anyway (painting, gardening, washing the car, etc).

Usually though, I HATE leaving the house looking like I just rolled out of bed. And on a side note, I would LOVE it if my kids (1 and 2 yrs) would not use my nice clean clothes (that I'm WEARING) as their personal snot rag/ burp cloth/ towel/ handy wipe/ etc.

Heather said...

I wish I was naturally beautiful and didn't need to slap the make-up on, but I do...and I have never gone out of the house without my face made up...sometimes it's not a whole lot. And, as annoying as I find it since I have so little time, I do find it makes me feel better, makes me feel a little more confident.

Rhonda Parker said...

Hi there ~ hope you made it down off your soapbox without twisting your ankle. :) Hee Hee!

That's funny that so many of the comments mention makeup - there is SO MUCH more to it than makeup. I don't wear makeup either - and usually do try to make an effort. Probably the area in which I need the most help in would be my (it hurts to say this to you - Mom in High Heels) - but it's my shoes. And I KNOW that the type of shoes you wear makes a huge difference on the impression of the entire outfit... you have inspired me to do better when it comes to my shoes. :)

I totally agree with your post about making an effort. My husband and I were in Wal-Mart the other day, and he commented on how he can't stand to see women wearing "pajama pants" out in public. I agree, but also can't stand to see men wearing "sweats" out in public either. :)

Susie Q said...

Okay, I admit that I am guilty of going to pick my son up at work in my 9:30 at night...but I will not get out of the car, I turn off the inside light for when he gets in ; really doesn't take much effort to at least fix your hair (mine's curly so I don't use a hairbrush on it dry...ever!)...I figure I might not have to look at me, but other people do mom said she can always tell when we are supremely depressed (as in need to go to the dr and see what's up) in our personal grooming slips...we're clean and dressed, but make no effort with makeup, hair styling, things like that. Extremes with my older sister involved bad haircuts, no contacts, etc. I've had to fight it for several weeks now and it has been a struggle...some days I just want to get back into bed and sleep...and that worries me. Dr. appt next week!

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