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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let it snow! And some bloggy love

So yesterday we had our first snowfall of the new year. Woooohooo! We love snow. Indy rolled out of bed, saw the snow on the ground and ran to put on his clothes and tried to run out the door. I stopped him and made him go potty and brush his teeth. I tried to get him to eat breakfast but there was just no time for that. Other kids were already outside playing and he HAD to join them. You know, before the snow melted. Nevermind that it was freezing. Whatever. I grabbed my camera and followed the blur that was Indy. By the time I got outside he was already on the ground, doing this:

In case you're wondering, he's making a snow angel AND catching snowflakes on his tongue. Oooooh, multitasking! That's my boy!

This is my cutie pie neighbor. He turned 1 just a few days before Christmas. He had so many layers of clothing on he could barely move. He loves me BTW (and really, why wouldn't he?). If he sees me in the stairwell and doesn't get to come to me he screams bloody murder. When his mom opens the door to their apartment, he makes a bee line for our door. Seriously, this kid loves me. Isn't he cute?

Indy "flying" in the snow. Still catching snowflakes on his tongue.

At the top of the slide. He had already cleaned the slide with his bum multiple times. He had to change pants 3 times yesterday because they kept getting wet.

At least he stopped himself before he landed in the snow again.


Know what snow makes me think of? Come on, guess....that's right, Edward's icy cold, smooth white skin.

Oh, oh, oh! And I got my very first bloggy award!!!! I'm blushing with pleasure. I feel so special. I want to thank my friends, and my family, my manager, my kindergarten teacher, my typing teacher, my....oh, what? This isn't that kind of award ceremony? Well then, I'll just say many thanks to Self Confessed Lamp Tramp and post my cool bloggy award.

I'm supposed to pass it on and I will, but I'll have to do that tomorrow. Until then, lemonade and bloggy kisses to you all. Oh, and Edward.............


Songbirdtiff said...

Hi there! I just came over from Kimba's blog. I love your layout, great colors.

I'm a little envious of your snow. We don't get much in Arkansas. :)

Tamara Jansen said...

Snow is just the greatest.....until it starts to melt :)

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

So I came here from Sky-Chatting Emily's site just because I loved your profile name. Very true... life IS too short to wear ugly shoes!

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