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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mom in High Heels: Red Hot Edition

So, here it is, the red hot edition! No, no, not these, though they are cute for Valentine's Day, no?

I'm talking about ME! You remember what I look like, right?
<-----------Look over there. See that hot blond mama? Oh, yeah, well now she's red hot. Check her out:

Rawr! Every now and then I get a bit crazy (a wild hare-or HAIR- if you will) and decide to do something different to my hair. My hair is ridiculously resilient and takes all sorts of abuse really well. Last Sunday I decided to change the color. I should mention that MOST of my family on my Dad's side of the family have red hair. Or in my Dad's case, used to have red hair that has either fallen out or gone gray (he swears that is my fault, but really, do I look like a trouble maker? Nevermind.). All my aunts and uncles save one (and I sometimes question his parentage) have (or had) red hair. Several of my cousins have red hair. I was born with red hair that stayed red until I was about 7 or 8 when it decided to turn a dark borning auburn that was only red in the sunlight, which we all know redheads should avoid like the plague. Around the age of 14 I started griping and moaning (rather loudly) about the boring color of my hair. I had great hair, but it was just so....blah. Unless I stood in the sun, which was almost never. My mom, tired of the griping, caved to my begging and pleading and let me color my hair. I went blond. I loved it. The maintenance was a beeyotch though because my hair grows crazy fast. I kept it up for years, alternating between a summer blond and a darker, winter blond. One year I decided to go red and went RED. Screaming at you red. I loved it. M, not so much. Said it made me look too German (we were living in Germany for the 1st time). They are really fond of screaming red hair over here. When we moved back to the US, I toned it down a bit. It wasn't clown red, so don't think I was looking like Bozo, but it was definately not a red you find in the States. I got bored with it though and eventually went back blond, though unless my stylists fought it, it was frequently a strawberry blond. To get it blond, they had to first make it a light brown and then highlight it blond because red is stubborn. Last week, I desperately needed my roots done and decided, hey, let's go red again. Not screaming red, but something like a normal red. I did this myself and I think it turned out great. It's actually almost the exact color my Dad's hair used to be. You know, before I started dating and it turned gray and all. Whatever. So, what do you think?
Indy loves it. He said it makes me look "Spicy." That's my boy!


Fiona said...

When I was in college, friends with a girl who studied in Germany for a while, she'd point out women with bright red hair and say, "Oh, German Red." Now I know what she meant - screaming red.

I think the new color's pretty. It looks natural.

Jessica said...

Love the red. It's supe hot!

Jessica said...

Super, I meant to say SUPER HOT! :)

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

It looks great! It's nice to be a little different!

KimAustin said...
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Rue said...

It looks gorgeous!

I have almost black hair and I used to dye it pure black which my mom said made me look like a vampire, so of course that made me like it more LOL


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