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Friday, January 16, 2009

Pics I forgot to show!

I've been super lazy busy lately and totally forgot to post these pics! The first weekend of Jan M was "invited" (read: be there) to a New Year's reception at the commander's house. I was also invited, but I was not "invited." I opted to go because, hey, I wanted to see the commander's house. I'm nosy like that. I like to see how the higher ups live. Interestingly, while his house was a duplex and far more private than our stairwell, the rooms were chopped up so strangely that they were actually smaller than ours. Yeah, there were more of them, but what good is having 4 or 5 bedrooms if you can't fit your bed in any of them?
Also, for me, it was a chance to get dressed up and wear my favorite shoes. :) For M, it was an opportunity to get dressed up in what he says is an uncomfortable uniform (ha, men are such wimps) and hang out with people he sees at work every day. Fun!
So, we got dressed up, drove an hour, stayed an hour and 15 minutes, ate some food, chatted with some folks, and drove an hour home. Good times! Actually, I really like the commander and his wife. They are both really nice people and super friendly. And, I'm pretty sure they have no idea I have a blog, so I'm not sucking up on M's behalf.

M and Indy (who was not invited and got to play with his BFF's while we were gone).

Me and M. Note the shoes! Told you I wore them in the winter to parties.

Very serious.

You can sleep safe tonight. He is guarding your country. ;)


Ms Martha Moore said...

i love the entry and the pix....


really cool.....

YOU go GIRL (i mean, mom in high heels)!

Mrs. Priss said...

Looove the shoes. You guys are cute!

I just found your blog through Clever Girl Goes Blog... your header is my life's philosphy, summed up perfectly. haha... I love it!

Cedric said...

Ohh yeah now I feel safe that he guards Germany ;)
Are military people actually allowed to fool around in uniform? So funny!

Susie Q said...

You look gorgeous and him? What can I say, love a man in uniform and if he's allowed to carry a gun! My son is in the Army, stationed in MO, so thank you!

Rue said...

Hey lady :)

You need to come up with a name, so I don't have to call you mom LOL

You both looked beautiful, but you should erase your last name off his uniform. Rich guessed where you are from your train directions and ... well, I just worry.


Angie said...

My hubby's military too :) I've never met a military guy that didn't hate wearing his dress uniform... LOL

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