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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009!

Okay, so I'm a few days late, but I've been busy in 2009. Not really, but it sounds good doesn't it? Only 3 days in and I'm just too busy to blog. Nah, I've just been lazy. And day dreaming about Edward................................................................Oh, sorry about that. When I get on an Edward kick I kind of drift off.

New Year's Eve here was so much fun. Bitter cold, but fun. A group of our neighbors decided to get together in the quad and wait for 2009. J (remember I only use initials, except for Indy) got the bright idea to put heavy weight plastic around the gazebo and put a small propane heater inside. Brilliant! It was in the upper teens outside, but actually quite warm inside. We had tons of food and fireworks. The kids were running around on the playground (how do they not realize how bloody cold it is?) and asking every 10 minutes if it was midnight yet so they could hold sparklers, while the adults huddled around the heater. I tried hard not to imagine what it would be like to huddle next to Edward, but occasionally he snuck into my thought. ;)
When midnight finally arrived the fireworks started going on on all sides. Germans only shoot fireworks off at New Year (you know, not celebrating 4th of July), so they do it big. And loud. And for a long time. The mountain side was literally lit up. We had to go on the German side of the fence to shoot ours off (not legal on the US side) and we were absolutely surrounded by people and lots of smoke. Here are some photos:

Indy stayed up until 1 am! He had such a good time. When he finally hit the bed though, he was gone. He slept until 10:30 am. I was so grateful. This was the first NY that he got to celebrate with us and it was just so much fun.

I have no real resolutions this year because, well, they only last until about mid-January and then I feel all guilty and who needs that? All I want out of 2009 is to enjoy life. I hope you will do the same and I wish you a happy, healthy, joy filled year.

Edward........................................ ;)


tidymom said...

Happy new year!!

LOL....isn't it funny? EVERYONE I know who has read the books feels the same way! just can't get him out of your every thought! LOL


Linda said...

I don't make new year's resolutions either. I've tried choosing just one word to focus on but last year I forgot what it was.

S said...

Looks like a fun but cold New Year's. Buurr! Does your hubby read your blog? Just laughing about Edward! So glad you had a great Christmas after the terrible one you had last year, that was a real scare!
I left you something.

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