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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and Pics of the apartment (part 1)

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween and for those of you that celebrate it, a Blessed Samhain. Indy dressed up as.....Indiana Jones. Are you surprised?

This is a group of our neighbors. Like the Fraulein? Lovely, isn't she? And so.....buxom.

We had a great time. Children are not allowed in the stairwells, so people handing out candy sit outside in front of the stairwells. It's like a big party. People barbecue and have all sorts of activities. One quad had a Halloween movie projected onto the side of the building and another had turned their gazebo into a very scary haunted house like thing that the kids had to go into to get candy. Spooky! One of the stairwells was even passing out cups of Gluwein to the grown ups. This is a warm mulled wine and perfect for a chilly, drizzly night.

This morning I went outside and took some photos of the new digs. This is our building. See the windows on the 3rd floor to the right? That's our apartment.

Let's get closer. This is the front door. We have a back door too. We park behind the building.

Oh, look! Who could have made this lovely fall display? ;)

So, up the stairs we go. First floor. Second floor. Buns of Steel! Third floor! Here we are. Welcome! This is our entry way.

Into the living/dining room. It's a large room. Rather messy right now though. I'll post a new pic when I've made it all pretty with my stuff. That furniture is gov't issue. It is NOT pretty, but I'm thankful for it as it is far better than sitting on the floor for 2 months.

The kitchen is just to the right. It's big and chockablock full of cabinets. The cabinets directly above and below the counter open to the other side as well. Handy for setting the table.

Here's the other side. It's all very....beige.

If we go to the dining room window, we have a lovely view of the quad.

There's more to see, but I'll save that for another day.


Janette said...

Welcome back to Germany. It was our first duty assignment in 1982! We met and married there- so never had the opportunity to live on post, but I taught at the school. Your post looks like the one I worked on. Sadly, ours is closed!

Allison G said...

Thanks for the pics!
So you're on a US military base in Germany, right? So are all of those kiddos American?
Do they station any German families there?
Do they have Halloween in Germany?

Mom in High Heels said...

Yes, we are on a US base in Germany. Most of the kids in the pics are American, but a few are German (there were a lot more kids than those pictured). The woman dressed as Elasti-girl is German, married to an American. A few of the kids are her friends kids. The base houses only Americans and their dependents, but there is German housing all around us. They don't really have Halloween like we do, but those who live near a base celebrate it. They like the idea of free candy. Free American candy. It's much sweeter than German candy, even the same brands (Twix, KitKat, etc).
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I was thrilled to click over and see that you guys are in Germany! We are anxiously awaiting our next assignment and we'd love to go overseas. Of course, we'll go where we're sent :) Love the new apartment!

Hoosier Vagabonds said...

We are right behind you!

My husband just got his orders for Heidelberg and we'll be coming this summer. I am very curious about the housing (and everything else)and really appreciate your posts and pictures. Do you live in Mark Twain or Patrick Henry?


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