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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Going Away!

Hello! We are off on a fabulous Thanksgiving vacation tomorrow. Want to know where? I can't tell you! Golly, I wish I could, but it's a secret. Indy doesn't know and I'd hate for him to read it here and spoil the surprise. Actually, I'd be thrilled if he read it here because that would mean we've overcome the whole learning to read issue and my life would be oh so much simpler. Ah, a girl can dream.
I can give you a hint though! We're going to the "Happiest Place" in France. Any idea where that might be? Huh? Huh? Leave me a comment with your guess if you like. We'll be back next week and I'll have tons to blog about. Tons of laundry too, but blogging is way more fun.
I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful, fun filled Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for the whole blogisphere and all the wonderful people I've "met" this year and all the stuff they've taught me. Don't eat too much turkey! If you have it though, please do eat a slice of pumpkin pie for me. See you all in a few days.


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