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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun Friday!!!!!

We started homeschool 2 weeks ago. It's been going really well and I am constantly amazed by how much C knows. He scares me sometimes he's so smart. It's not just that he's smart, he's clever. He thinks about things. Want an example? On Thursday morning he lost his second tooth. He thought he had swallowed it because he was eating breakfast and couldn't find it. I jokingly told him that if we didn't have a tooth to put under his pillow, the tooth fairly couldn't come. Without missing a beat, he looked at me and said "Well, you can just take a picture of my gap and we can put that under my pillow so the tooth fairy will know it fell out." See? Who thinks of that? I was on the phone with my mom at the time (I had her on speaker so she could hear him) and she couldn't believe he came up with that, let alone that he came up with it so quickly. We did eventually find the tooth though. It had fallen out and landed just under the edge of his plate. We did not have to take a picture and he got a shiny quarter to add to one of his 4 piggy banks. Three of them are so full they can't hold any more. The 4th one is almost full. The boy likes to save.

Okay back on track: homeschool. We've been learning a lot and having a great time. It's not all fun and games though. Handwriting is killing us both. He hates to practice handwriting and complains the entire time. I, smart mom/teacher that I am, decided to schedule (I use that term very loosely) a really fun activity afterwards as an incentive to get him to finish. Now you know where he gets his cleverness from, don't you? Still he complains the whole time and it drives me nuts. He must get the complaining from M. I never complain. :)

I decided, in order to mix it up a bit because he really does work hard, that every other Friday would be "Fun Friday" with special activities. Oh boy, was he excited for Fun Friday. We decided that we would do minimal school work and go to a movie. We opted for Space Chimps. Very funny. I'd give it a thumbs up. Not 2, but 1. Before Space Chimps though, I had a little trick up my sleeve. We started our Dinosaur/Prehistoric Unit last week and in my cabinet of wonders (I totally call it that in my head), I had an archeology/dig kit. His eyes got as big as saucers when I showed it to him. The fossil inside the 826,795,534 teeny tiny rocks (why yes, I did count them, thankyouverynuch) was a fly trapped in amber.

When we lived in St. Louis, his absolute favorite thing in the STL Science Center was a small piece of amber with a mosquito trapped inside. He was completely fascinated by this maybe 2"x 1.5" piece of amber and would literally stare at it (through the little magnifying glass poised over it) for a good half hour every time we went there. I don't know what was so interesting, but by golly it was. When we went to Chicago for Thanksgiving last year he was in rapture over the cases and cases of amber chunks filled with various kinds of bugs at the Field Museum. I had to drag him out the room that contained them. You can see why I chose this particular activity.

He thoroughly enjoyed himself. He even had to go get his Indiana Jones bag and gear (you can see the bag in the top left of some of the pics) so he could use his brushes to carefully remove the rock from around the fossil.

Very excited:Getting into it:

Got it!

He drew a picture of it in his Indiana Jones notebook and labled it:

Yea for Fun Friday!!!!


Jenn said...

That amber fossil dig set looks like fun, String would definitely enjoy something like that! We're not officially starting back with homeschooling until early September but I'm having fun reading about the start of everyone else's year!

Jenn @ Pollywog in a Blog

Rue said...


I'm glad you're blogging again :)

Happy Birthday to C!! That's so odd how grandparents always know what to buy, isn't it?

That project looked like so much fun, I want one ;)

How are you liking AZ??


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