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Monday, August 18, 2008

Miss Nester's mistreatment Partay!

If you haven't ever heard of "mistreatements" you need to haul yourself over to The Nester and do a quick read up. If you do, well, then, here's my mistreatements and some other random stuff. Enjoy!

This is our super-fab living room. Notice the white cinder block walls? Fancy military housing! These are the only "regular" windows we have in the house. The rest of them are all really high (to keep the heat out, so I'm told-FYI, it does NOT work). My toper, which I used over the sliding glass doors at the apartement in IL was not long enough, so I just put the panels on the outside of it.

A close-up. Notice all the dog toys in the basket at the bottom of the screen? You have 3 dogs, you have a lot of toys.Ah, the master retreat. See the high windows? The bedrooms, dining room and baths all have these weird looking windows. This is actually 2 windows, but I put the panel in the middle to make it look like one long window. M nearly had a heart attack when he walked in on me hot glueing the trim to the topper. I was standing on the bed (heels off of course), I had an extension cord hooked through my belt loop, trim tossed over my shoulder and my hot glue gun (Annie-get it? Like Annie Oakly) in my hand. He thought I had clearly lost my mind. The panels BTW are actual curtains. I need to glue some trim to the bottom. ;)

Okay, so this is not a mistreatment, but I saw something similar on someone else's blog and loved it (sorry, I can't remember who you are, but thanks for the idea) so I thought I'd show it to you. Can you guess what our last name starts with?

And this is our new entertainment cabinet. I love it. Love. It. But, it needs some color as the wall behind it is white and M won't let me paint because we are moving in a few months (check back another day and I'll tell you where-it's exciting!). Where the TV sits is actually open, so that's the cinder block wall you see behind it. I've put some scrapbook paper (2 patterns) on the one shelf (left side, where the B is) and M and I both like it, but I'm thinking I need something other than black and white. Any suggestions?

Oh, and if you're interested in knowing how the military live, I'm planning a tour of our post and its varying housing (some of it you just won't believe). I just have to figure out how I can get pics of some of the places without the MP's coming and taking my camera away and hauling me off for questioning. See the things you have to think about when you live on a military post? Sigh.


The Nester said...

love the fabric in the mistreatments and love your B wall!

Leslie said...

I think you did a great job! I would never guess you have cinderblock walls! Love your new cabinet, I love having new big pieces of furniture to decorate!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Well, the bonus for those high windows is that it gives you more options for furniture placement.

Your new entertainment center is so nice!

~ Sarah

Bella's momma said...

It ALL looks so fabulous!!! You did good. Really good!!!

deepfriedapplepies said...

Came here Via the Nester.. Your mistreatments look great!
You should host a tour of military housing.. have people sign up on Mr. Linky. I live in housing.. I'd participate! That would be fun!

Timi said...

love what you've done with the place! Love your new cabinet. I needed some color also but was too on my hutch but was too lazy to paint the wall behind it or the hutch. So I did what you were talking about. I cut out cardboard that fit in the back of the shelves, covered them with fabric and shoved them in there. It gave me the color I needed with out painting and I can change it for the seasons or when ever I get tired of it.

new every morning said...

Very creative mistreatments! They turned out so pretty.

Love your new white cabinet!
A cheap way to add color is to choose 1 accent color i.e. light blue, and spray paint a few baskets in that color, place them randomly on the shelves... just a thought.

Beautiful blog!

Jenn said...

I love how you managed to make cinder block look so cozy and homey!

Enjoy your new place!

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