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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Military, Moving, More Mistreatments and other things that may or may not start with M

Hello! I had a loverly time at the mistreatment party the other day. I enjoyed looking at all the sites and seeing how other people live. I'm nosey like that. I did a new mistreatment yesterday so I thought I'd show you. This is the window in the master bath. It's tiny and weird and yes, the walls are cinder block, but I think the mistreatment makes it pretty. Or as pretty as cinder block can get, I suppose.

So, guess what? We're moving. Again. You might recall a little 1600 mile road trip C and I recently made. If you don't know what I'm talking about, scroll down. It took 3 days and more than a few zoloft, but we made it. Keep in mind, this was just last month. A few weeks ago, M logged on to his AKO (military email) and saw that he had orders (orders tell you where you're going and when). We knew we would be getting them at some point because he will be finishing his very long schooling (he's been at it since Jan) at the end of September and then he'll go to his next duty station. When he pulled the orders up and we read where we were going, we both literally stared at each other for a full five minutes before saying anything other than "no way." Want to know where we're going? We thought we'd be going to either the DC area or maybe to Ft. Lewis (near Seattle), but we are so not. Not anywhere close. Not even on the same continent. We are, for the 3rd time, moving to Germany! We're going back to Heidelberg. I'm crazy excited. We lived in Heidelberg from 97-00 and again from 01-04. It is so beautiful! All of this will be about 15 minutes from where we'll live!

This is the famous Alte Brucke (Old Bridge) and Schloss Heidelberg (castle). A friend of mine got married in the castle about 10 years ago. It was so beautiful!

This is part of the Marktplatz:This is a view from a side street of the Rathaus (like a court house):

And this is a view of some of the cobbled streets and gorgeous architecture:

Are you totally jealous? Don't be. You can come visit me and crash at my place! Just call first. :)

On to other stuff. C wanted to know why I refer to him as C on my blog. I told him it was for privacy reasons. He said he didn't like being called C and that I should call him something else. I asked what he would like me to call him and he thought for a minute and said "Indy. You should call me Indy because I'm an explorer and and archeologist, just like Indiana Jones. I even have the hat, whip and tools. You should call me that. Because it's cool." I agreed, so now, C shall be known as Indy.

And finally, I took a ton of pics around the post last week (some covertly) to give you a little tour of Ft. H. Here's just a little sampling of the housing. Isn't it nice? DId you know military housing could be so nice? Check back if you want to see more. I should have it up either tomorrow or Thursday. You don't want to miss this!


Rue said...

Germany?! I wouldn't have guessed in a million years! Rich was over there a few times before I was with him. He said it was called Kaiserslautern (spelling?) and they called it K-town. He said it's beautiful there :)

If you ever get over to Alsace (used to be owned by Germany, now France), that's where my mom's side of the ancestors came from.

Anyway, I'm really happy for you and Indy (lol)


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