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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Indy for President 2040!

Back when we lived in TN, Indy went to the most amazing preschool, where they called him "The Senator" because of his hatred for injustice of any kind. If two kids were arguing he would walk up to them and ask "What's the problem?" and try to mediate the issue. It was ridiculously cute. Fast forward to the present day.  He still hates injustice, doesn't like when people don't get along and likes to mediate.  And talk.  Always with the talking.

Indy and I usually eat lunch around 12:30-1pm every day. Because of the time difference between here and the US, we watch the Today Show while we eat. With all the mid-term election brouhaha going on, he's taken a real interest in politics. We were eating on Friday and this was our conversation:

Indy: How old do you have to be to be President?
Me: At least 35, I think.
Indy: Maybe I should be President when I'm older.
Me: You think? What would you do?
Indy: Well, I would give food to the people who don't have any.
Me: That's a good idea. What eles?
Indy: Well...there's lots of empty buildings and houses in America, so I would put all the homeless people in the empty buildings and houses. I'd also stop the dolphin slaughter, but Obama should be taking care of that. If he doesn't though, I definitely would.
Me:  Sounds like you'll be busy.
Indy:  Yeah, but I'll be an awesome President.  When can I be President?
Me:  (thinking and adding with my fingers in my head)  You can run in 2040.
Indy:  That's a long time from now.
Me:  Not so long.
Indy:  Yeah, and it will give me lots of time to think about how I'm going to fix stuff.  Plus, I can be an archaeologist first and then be President.
Me:  Good plan.
Indy:  Yeah, I know.  That's why I'm going to be such a good President.  I have good plans.

So, in 30 years, vote for the former archaeologist. He has good plans.  Plus, look at this face.  How could you not vote for him?


SherilinR said...

i love kids with big dreams!
i just found you today. i'm a homeschooling mom in tn at the moment, but i generally skip the heels these days. i seem to have forgotten how to walk in them after my kid was born.

Allison said...

How cute! Go Indy for dreaming the big dreams.

Michele Feltman Strider said...

I want my Indy in 2040 t-shirt & bumper sticker now. The boy has my vote! (Not to mention the support of The Cocktail Party.)

Debra said...

I love it! I'll look for him on the ballot in 2040.

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