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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

RTT: Music, TV, hot guys and the talk


I know I haven't been around. Things are still chaotic in our world. I got many, many emails after my last post full of warm thoughts and encouragements. I want to thank each and every one of you. You're all the best.

BTW, something is up with all the photos and banners on my blog.  I'm hoping it's a blogger issue and will work itself out.  If, I'll work on it later.

Since it's Tuesday, the best day of the week, I decided to drag myself from the doldrums and post RTT.  Plus, 3 weeks in a row of my not doing RTT would kill you guys, right?

*The other day Indy and I were in the car and I had my iPod hooked up. Smells Like Teen Spirit came on and I was thrown back to my wild college days (my parents and my children will never know exactly how wild). I know the lyrics are rather hard to understand but I know them and that's all that matters. Towards the end of the song, the lyrics get especially garbled in the loud music. Apparently Indy couldn't decode it because after Kurt Cobain screams sings "Here we are now, entertain us," Indy piped up "Did he just say 'feed us potatoes?" Apparently I have been slacking in his cultural education.

*Speaking of education, I really, really dislike all the politicians using their college graduation commencement speeches as platforms for election. I don't care who you are or what office you're running for (President, Governor, Congress, etc), that graduation is about the students who have worked hard to earn their degrees and the speech you give should be about their achievements, not you and your political agenda. So knock it the hell off.

*Koala bears sleep 22 hours a day. Snails can sleep for 3 years. Weird.

*Have you seen the Avengers??? If not, get off the computer, run to the theater and buy yourself a ticket. It is awesome. Jeremy Renner? Yes, please.

 *Season Finale's are killing me!  What am I supposed to do until September????  Castle ended the other night and the last 3 minutes were so hot I thought my computer might combust.  Of course it could be because I kept rewinding it to watch that scene over and over ad nauseum infinitum.  Nathan Fillion?  Double yes.  Captain Tight Pants indeed.  If you get that reference, you are awesome.

*I accidentally "spoiled" myself on what happens on How I Met Your Mother today.  I should know to stay off the interwebs, damn it.  I've been waiting all season to find out who Barney was waiting for at the alter and damn I didn't READ it.  D'oh!  You can try not to read it, but if the words are there, you just can't stop your brain from taking it in.  I'll be watching it to be sure, but it won't be as exciting.  Boo.

*Oh, and the season finale of The Big Bang Theory was a major disappointment.  Double boo.

*I read somewhere that an apple, and onion and a potato all taste the same if you bite into them with your nose plugged.  I wonder if it's true?  I'm not brave enough to actually try it though.  Any takers?  If you do, let me know.

*Astronauts get taller as they go into space.  This just furthers my desire to live on the moon.  With the lower gravity I will technically weigh less AND I'll be taller.  How sweet would that be?  I'm not short (5'4"), but I've always longed to be taller.  You can lose or gain weight, but short of racking yourself, which I'm pretty sure is not pleasant, there's not much you can do about your height.

*James Bond and Indy had "the talk" today since Indy is getting older and JB will be gone for such a long time.  JB was reluctant, but we'd rather him hear it come from us rather than the kids on the playground and since Indy is a boy, JB got to have the talk.  I told JB that if we had girls, I'd have to do it, so he had to do it for the boys.  We had the book Where Did I Come From? for him to look at.  He asked JB some questions and that was that.  JB said he tried really hard not to laugh when Indy looked at him, surprised and said "You actually do that?  That's disgusting!"

*Smart people can be funny:

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Seriously Shawn



Stacy Uncorked said...

Your ears must have been burning or you were reading my mind because I was thinking earlier today that I need to hunt you down and find out what happened to you - I let out an actual 'squee' when I saw you'd linked up and saved me the hunting trouble. ;)

The photos are acting funky, aren't they? I'm going to place my bets on a Blogger issue...

I WANT to see the Avengers. Princess Nagger voted for The Hunger Games instead. My vote is next. ;)

Season finales are killing me, too!! And Castle? *swoon* I can't WAIT until that comes back in the fall! Pass me some Nathan Fillion, please. I'll just have to watch Firefly over the summer on Hulu to get my fill.

I was good and totally avoided the spoiler on HIMYM...can't wait to watch it, I DVR'd it. :)

I might be able to recruit Princess Nagger into taking that apple/onion/potato test for us...I'll let you know.

Let's go into space together - I'm 5'3-3/4" (I always round up to 5'4"...heh!) and wear high heels to give the illusion that I'm taller. ;)

Ohhh, 'the talk'...I'm not looking forward to that day.

Heh, smart people can be funny! Sheldon is proof positive, too. ;)

Thanks for the laughs - you always come through. :)

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Impulsive Addict said...

I think I want to be a koala bear. That's crazy!

I like Mr. Renner. I think we'll probably see that movie. It's action so the husband will be a fan.

I hate when season finale's air. I also hate when my fav shows get cancelled for next season. BOOOOO!

You let me know how the apple onion and potato taste testing goes if you get any takers. I don't do onion or I would!

Thanks for linking up!!

Shawn said...

dang it, I know I let you a comment! This is the second blog I;ve gone back to and my comment is no where to be found...stupid blogger!

No I have no clue what clever comment I left you...


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