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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RTT: 55 cents

Oh, sweet, gentle Tuesday. You get lost in the week, don't you? Monday is the "dreaded" day. Wednesday is hump day. Thursday is the day before Friday! And, well, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, just get all the glory. Where's the love for Tuesday? Right here! Random Thoughts Tuesday. My favorite day of the week!  Since Keely is now too cool for school, the awesome Stacy has taken up the reins and now we are Rebel RTTing.  Join us.


*So, Indy has been going to summer camp and loving it. I personally hate it because every. stinking. year. he brings home some disease from the germ ridden little monsters that he plays with. This year it was hand, foot and mouth disease. No, not the kind that cows get, but still, icky. We ALL came down with it and it sucked. We're over it now, but it kept me from blogging last week and that really sucked.

*Yesterday I was at the commissary (military grocery store). I had put all my groceries on the belt and waited for the guy in front of me to pay, so I could check out and then go pick Indy up from the germy cesspool that is summer camp. I waited and waited and waited. And waited some more. I wasn't really paying attention at first to what was holding us up (I had Han Solo's cute little face to look at), but after several minutes, I got curious. The guy in front had already swiped his card to pay when he realized the cashier hadn't rung in his coupon. Not coupons, coupon. Singular. We were waiting for a manager to come do an override so he could be refunded 55 cents. 55 cents! By the time I realized the amount, the manager had shown up to do the override. Had I known, I would have handed the guy $1 just to get things moving. Honestly, 55 cents? If he was perhaps a private, I might could see it, but this guy was an E8 (SFC), which means he makes decent money and has probably been in the military for 16+ years. 55 cents? Come on.

*Don't you hate when you see something that you know has never been there before, but then you think, maybe it was and you're going insane? At the gates of our installation we have barricades built into the road (they weren't there pre-9/11) that come up (quickly) if needed. I've walked past these barricades literally thousands of times and today when I went to the check the mail, there were 2 posts on either side of one barricade with small flashing red lights on the top. Now, I know these weren't there before. Know it. And yet, as I walked past them, I got all confused thinking, maybe I just missed them somehow? Even though I now have to actually walk around one of the poles, I really questioned how long I've not noticed. On the way back home I asked one of the guards (because I really thought I might be going crazy) and he told me they were just installed last week. Whew.

*James Bond got the DVD's of Firefly and Serenity for Father's Day.  Guess what I've had to watch for the last 2 weeks?  It's actually pretty good.  JB was super sad when it went off the air (as were thousands and thousands of fans), but if it hadn't gone off the air, Nathan Fillion might not be in Castle and I love that show.

*Indy's BFF, G-Money is moving back to the States on Saturday.  Indy is devastated.  Since they are packing G-Money's house out today and tomorrow, he's spending the day and night with us.  Indy is over the moon happy about this, but knows it's their last sleepover.  Before we went to get G-Money today, Indy said tonight would be the "end of an era."

*I haven't had my camera with me the last few days (and haven't felt like leaving the house), so today's funny sign is courtesy of the interwebs.  Who picked the name of this road?

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Kristine said...

Cracked me up about the 55 cents. Folks will hold up lines and argue over a penny. How sad. It's a freakin' penny...

Michele Feltman Strider said...

James Bond is a Brown Coat?!?!? I knew I liked him for some reason. :-D

Stacy Uncorked said...

Yeah, I know, I'm a week late aren't I? :) So sorry you guys got whatever plague that was dished out at the summer camp - hopefully you're all feeling better by now! ;)

55 cents?? Yeah, if I had noticed earlier I would've handed the guy a dollar just to get him on his way. Luckily you had Han Solo's cute face to keep you distracted (and sane). ;)

Glad you discovered you're not going crazy...or crazy-er. :)

Nathan Fillion is YUMMY. I love Castle, too! I will have to check out Firefly - I remember how rabid the fans were about it getting cancelled, some of those were part of the Journeyman movement I was part of when that show got cancelled. ;)

So sad about Indy's BFF - how's he holding up?

That sign is HYSTERICAL!! Thanks for the giggle. :)

Thanks for randomizing with me - sorry I'm so late stopping by!

Back to School, Mother Nature's Menopause, Ancient Shells: RTT Rebel

Captain Dumbass said...

55 cents? Tough call on Firefly, but I'm with you. And there'd be no Detective Beckett. Ah, Beckett...

Christina LMT said...

Maybe it's short for "MethODIST Bible Camp"?!

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