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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RTT: A whole lotta randoms

Good grief. I have been such a slacker this week. Blog wise, I mean. At home, I've been a dynamo (or not, shut up, it's my blog, I can lie if I want). Han Solo is settling in well and has a great routine (he wakes 2 times a night to eat), but I do not respond well to interrupted sleep and drag around all day. Thank goodness Indy's reading is so much better and he can do more of his work independently. Otherwise, I might teach him something weird like Cedar Rapids is in Texas or Oklahoma (I'm looking at you loser on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?). Who doesn't know it's in Iowa? Honestly. Anyway, onto the real randoms:

*I tried to put Stacy's cool button on here, but it won't let me copy it.  Boo!!!!!

*While we were watching the whole Taliban prison break out thing on the news (really?  almost 500 prisoners??) James Bond looked at me and said "Wow!  They Andy Dufrained it!"  I found this ridiculously funny.

*We were in the car the other day and an Aerosmith song came on.
Indy: This song is lame.
Me: You shut your face, boy.
Indy: How rude!
Me: Don't dis Aerosmith or Steven Tyler.
Indy: Who's Steven Tyler?
Me (thinking I've seriously erred in his cultural education): He's the singer of this group. He's also the new judge on American Idol.
Indy: Dawg [Randy Jackson] or the white guy?
Me: The white guy.
Indy: He dresses like a girl.
Me: Sigh.

*A few minutes later a Phil Collins song came on.
Indy: Now THIS song is lame.
Me: I'll give you that.

*Only 3 more days until the wedding!!!!! I am so excited. Indy is too. He says we should have tea and biscuits (cookies, for those of you not up on your British to American translation). I think he's really in it for the cookies.

*On the Today Show today they mentioned the day of the wedding was declared a holiday. Indy perked up at this.
Indy (with a gleam in his eye): It's a holiday?
Me: Only in England.
Indy: Darn it. Does this mean....
Me: Yes, you still have to have a spelling test.
Indy: Double darn.

*Random Flashback: Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

*Isn't it amazing how you can't tell who is doing the voice of an animated movie until you close your eyes?  Then it's perfectly obvious.

*Speaking of animated movies, we went to see Rio this past weekend, but when we got to the theater, the movie was "temporarily unavailable."  WTF?  The lady there said it broke at the end of the previous night's showing and they were waiting on another copy.  Indy was totally bummed out.  Instead we came home watched Space Chimps 2, which was horrible.  We were half way through it and had no idea what was going on.  It was just...weird.  Thank goodness we had candy and popcorn to console us.

*OMG, Water for Elephants is coming to our theater this weekend.  I'm so going to leave the boys at home with James Bond and go see it.  I loved the book and hope they do it justice, but I'm really in it for RPattz.  Swoon.

*WHY is it taking so long for Breaking Dawn (part 1) to come out???   Sheesh!

*A philosophical question (courtesy of Pat Sajak of all people!):  Do you actually see a mirage or do you just think you see a mirage?

*Oh, oh!  I have a new favorite time wasting research site.  It's called Kate Middleton For The Win, and it's awesome.  Here are some of my favorites:

Take this Charlie Sheen:

My absolute favorite:

Okay, go join Stacy for all the cool randoms.


Raven said...

I'm sorry, I just can't get on the Robert Pattinson train.

I kept hearing people talk about this wedding, and I've been all, what wedding? until someone informed me there's this royal wedding coming up. I had no idea. Yes, I live under a rock.

Kristine said...

Like Raven, I never got on the Pattison train either.

Looking forward to the wedding on Friday but I will miss lots as I have an appt. that can't be rescheduled in the city. Hoping to catch what I missed on You Tube.

Anonymous said...

I think you do see the mirage because that is the result of the trick your eyes play on you. You're seeing the image of what you perceive to be there. And now my brain hurts. Happy Tuesday!

VandyJ said...

Yeah, not so much on the Pattinson train either. I think he's just a bit too pretty.
Not really watching the wedding either. Those pictures are funny though.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Your randomness always makes me giggle - especially your convo's with Indy! :)

I'm sorry my button was being persnickety for you - for some reason you can't right-click on my page, but you can copy the code with CTRL-C. ;)

That's a bummer you didn't get to see Rio! Princess Nagger and I went, and loved it! Oh, sorry, that probably bummed you out even more... ;)

Thanks for rockin' the rebel random with me yet again!! :)

Easter, Angry Birds - RTT Rebel

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

What did Steven say just last week? "It's expensive to look this cheap!" Hm, he looks like a girl? I've never seen that.

Have you googled it? Perhaps there is a Cedar Rapids in Texas too...

family of 4 on the move! said...

Ummmmmmmm the lady at the theater lied to you!!!!!! We were at the Friday first showing and sat there wondering when it was going to start only to be told it was broken and we had to get all of our money back. Bahahaha they didn't even give us our money back just a free movie pass for another movie!! Nice right?!?! We will be there when it actually does come here again though. I am dying to see funny birds!

About JollyJilly said...

Hi Im a new follower from the Uk just popping in from the blog hop
Love your blog
please come visit me anytime

Captain Dumbass said...

A holiday in England? As that's Canada's next King and Queen I think it's only fair that we get a holiday too.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love the Kate site~ hilarious!

Just so you know, I am driving the R Patz train. :) He is wonderful in Water for Elephants~ go.

French said...

U r cracking me up. Oh, it's almost 2am and I have a little more work to do and I leave at 5am tomorrow. I am happy to have the royal wedding on to entertain me...I wish we could see you this trip, but next time have an invite to Beaune my dear. I am crazed, so we will talk soon...

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