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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Did you watch??

Of course you did. Even if you didn't watch it live, you know you saw a million clips (how could you have avoided it?). Indy and I watched it live (oh, and even James Bond joined us) and had a grand time. A few days before the wedding we went to our local British shop and bought some authentic British goodies to eat while we watched. We had scones with jam, sweet raisin bread, finger sandwiches (cream cheese, turkey and broccoli sprouts-at Indy's request), McVitties Chocolate Digestives (cookies), Mr. Kipling's Cherry Tarts, and tea.  We even used the fancy tea cups.  Indy even insisted on talking in British accents for the duration of the wedding.  It was loads of fun.

So, what did you think???  I have a lot of thoughts.

The hats!  OMG, the hats!!!!  I LOVE HATS!  Why don't American women wear them more?  They are awesome.  Though I have to say Princess Beatrice looked like she lived in Whoville with that thing on her head.  Insane!

William and Harry looked adorable.  Wills looked so nervous.  In case you didn't see it, he apparently said something to Kate's dad at the alter about how they were meant to have just a small family wedding.  Harry also made some sort of comment to Wills about the fact that Kate showed up.  How cute are they?

The dress...oh, the dress.  It was...nothing spectacular.  I was a bit disappointed in it to be honest.  The first thing I thought of when I saw it was Princess Grace's dress.  Apparently I was not the only one, as it was all over the news shows later.  It was elegant and striking, and fit her beautifully (like it wouldn't though), but it just didn't have the wow factor for me.  I did like the sculptural elements of the dress, but it looked like, well, an ordinary wedding dress (a friend on FB said it looked like something from David's Bridal!).  If you marry into royalty, you should bring on the sparkle!  I wanted more!  MORE!  I did think the sheerness of the veil was lovely though.

The tiara...too small!  With all the bling in the royal collection, she should have had something more blingy!  I'm sad she didn't wear one of the more famous tiaras.  I was personally pulling for one of the following:

The Grand Duchess Vladamir's Tiara, which is now owned by the queen, and can be worn with pearls or Cambridge emeralds:

The Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara (which would have been appropriate given that she is now the Duchess of Cambridge):

Or my personal favorite, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara:

There was so much to love about the day, but my hands down favorite moment was when Will and Kate first walked out onto the balcony and Kate saw the size of the crowd and said "Oh, wow."  That was a moment!

Speaking of the crowd, did you see how orderly they were?  It was unreal!  I was amazed watching them walk calmly down the Mall behind the row of Police Officers toward Buckingham Palace. When they got to the circle in front of the palace, the line of police split, one going around one side of the Victoria monument, one going around the other side.  The crowd very orderly followed them and met in the middle.  It was awesome to watch from the aerial camera.  I've tried finding a video of it, but I can't.  If you know where I can see it, PLEASE let me know.  James Bond missed it and wants to see it.

The guests were certainly a mishmash weren't they?  Royals, dignitaries, singers, actors, soccer stars, military members (several from Wills' own unit), and did you know that Kate invited her postman, butcher convenience store owner and a few other people she knew from her town?  How nice is that?  When I saw Guy Ritchie, I wondered if Madonna regretted the divorce.  If they'd stuck it out, she could have gone to the wedding.  I'm just saying. 

I loved the overall feel of the wedding though.  They seemed genuinely happy and despite all the pomp an circumstance, like two normal people excited to get married.  I hope their marriage is long and happy.

Oh, there are many more things I can say, but I think I'll stop for now.  I'm kind of on wedding overload.  What did you think???


Candy @ The Little Round Table said...

Not the best of the aerial shots as seen live, but here are a couple:

And at about 6:30 into this one:


Michele Feltman Strider said...

I love me a good tiara... sigh...

Raven said...

I didn't watch it, but my Neighbor from Hell did and went on for 20 minutes about how ugly Kate's dress was and how the tiara was too small. I've seen two pics of it on MSN and I didn't think the dress was that bad. It was a bit understated, but it was pretty.

Toni said...

Yup, I watched it! I was awake at 5:45 AM just to watch the wedding of two people I don't know. Haha. Silly.

I thought her dress was very pretty but I less bling and frills in general.

All in all it was lovely!

And the hats! You're right, that one girly did look like she was visiting from Whoville! :)

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