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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recipe for fun

This was so much fun. I hope you'll be inspired to do it with your kids.

Cranberries, popcorn, craft needles, thread

The "most super awesome terrific mom in the whole entire world." I'm not claiming the title,I'm just quoting Indy. He could be right though. (I'm just throwing that out there.)


Dogs waiting to catch whatever falls.

A little bit of concentration.

A little bit of blood (on me, not Indy).

More concentration.

And a whole lot of laughter and goofiness.

Here they are hung in Indy's room, along with the paper chain and snowflakes we made after watching Elf. Good times. Good times.


Susie Harris said...

Priceless memories my friend~ What a sweet yummy garland. I think I would have a full belly before it was all over. I love popcorn!!! Merry Christmas~

Jessica said...

OK so I did this one year and loved it, they're so pretty with the bright red cranberries. I loved them so much that I of course wanted to save them for next year (duh) and boxed them up with all my other decorations. Yip, the next year when I went to get them out...MOLD! I don't know what I was thinking, I guess I wasn't. Hee, Hee.

Ells said...

Such a fun garland, and great memories for Indy!

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