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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugg (ly)


I know that Europeans are supposed to be the arbiters of fashion, but we saw some SERIOUS fashion faux pas (pases?) while we were at DLP. Oh, it was awful. I have photographic evidence. Some of them are hard to look at. Be brave.

There are so many things wrong with this couple. His pants were faux baggy, BTW. There was a second waistband above the bagginess. Weird. And her...bless her heart. It was just tragic.

There was so many of this type of hat floating around. This is the only one I could get a close up on.

Europeans really like mesh. You'd think they wouldn't given how cold it is, but they really do.

This poor girl. It was actually her birthday (hence the leis?). Someone should have given her a fashion book. Tim Gunn would not like this. She had another (black) belt on around the waist of her jeans.

Sadly, it wasn't just the women.

These are kind of hard to see, but they are SILVER.

Red. Lots of red going on here.

Zoom in on this picture. Really, you NEED to.

This is blurry because she was on the move, but these are hot pink pants with a black mesh overlay. Fancy.

1983 called. It would like its shoes back.

'Cause I'm a gangsta, and ya know 'dis.

Help! Her feet are being eaten by some sort of woodland creature!

Blow this one up. Zoom in on mom's pants and shoes. Her kid doesn't stand a chance.

Won't someone please think of the children?

I'm all for heels, but these are just not the proper footwear for Disney. You KNOW she was griping all day about how much her feet hurt.

I have no words.

Knee warmers? I....don't get it.


Okay, it wasn't all bad. This couple here was so stylish. Also, pretty. He was some serious eye candy. It hurt me to put a smiley over his pretty face.

A little fashion forward, but still, they look chic.

And it wasn't just young, hip couples. Look at these moms and kids. Don't they look lovely? Nothing fancy, but still stylish.

I actually have 300+ photos of people in bad clothes. It was hard to choose just a few to post here. I may not always be a fashion plate, but at least I don't look like I dressed in the dark in someone elses room.


Sunny said...


Love your campaign against illiteracy

Alli {Mrs. Fussypants} said...

LOVE the smiley faces! LOL

Michelle said...

OMG. You are too funny with your fashion policing. I have just started to read your blog. I think I keep up for a while. Good luck too ya.

Rhonda's Rants! said...

LOVE this post! I too consider myself a member of the fashion police force. You should see the pics of a trip to Disney 2 years ago, men in capris! UGH! My husband had to capture it for the scrapbook. Thank you for your great post!

Kimberley said...

Hello :-)
I randomed in on your blog, so Hiii!
I love this entry. I was in DLP earlier this year, and I totally understand your pain.

I'm European, but I don't like mesh...oooh, and I'm Kim btw...Hii!! *waves* xx

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