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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A date which will live in infamy

Sixty-seven years ago today Dec 7, 1941, was a warm Sunday in Hawaii. The quiet of that beautiful morning was shattered when US was attacked by the Empire of Japan. The attacks lasted 58 minutes, but the ramifications lasted for generations. Sadly, the "date which will live in infamy" is now largely forgotten. As the number of survivors dwindles every year, it is more important than ever that we, the current generations remember them and what they went through and what they sacrificed.

2403 killed.
1178 wounded.
188 aircraft destroyed.
155 aircraft damaged.
21 ships damaged.
9 ships sunk or partially sunk.
2 ships lost forever.


Sandi said...

Hey Sweetie...I'm glad to be the first comment on Pearl Harbor. The stories in my family are so connected. WWII shaped my parents lives and therefore had huge impression on my life. Looks like you are happy in beautiful Germany. I want to go back there, I love the people and the geography. Thanks for visiting me, I have been so NOT in the BLOG world lately, due to family stuff. I love to see and hear that you are all well, I promise I'll keep up better! XOXO!!!!

Kathleen said...

I know I'm just some regular blogger out there but I wanted to say thanks for posting about Pearl Harbor.

I was one who had forgot and am glad to be reminded of all those in our past and those in our future who will forever protect this country.

This hits very close to home for my family as we embark on a third deployment this week.

Hope you have a wonderful Holiday-

(Hawkerswife blog)

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