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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Are you guys sick of fall posts? I hope not! I fall'd up my house a wee bit yesterday. I guess you could say I "POOPIE'd" it up. Man, that does not get old! Or maybe it's just me. Whatever. I haven't done a lot, because, well, we're moving in....2 weeks? 3 weeks? A month? Who knows? With transatlantic moves, we probably won't get our stuff until, oh, January or so, which means I won't get to do much decorating for the other holidays either. :( Can you all imagine what it's like to have Christmas without all your Christmas stuff? It stinks, I tell you. We've done it once before and it was depressing. I wanted my stuff! I hate moving around the holiday season. Boo! Okay, meaningless rant over, on to my pretties, however temporary. If you want to see the originals (pre-fall), you can click on the original POOPIE post.

Remember my lemon jar, that so many people liked? Tada! Black beans, POOPIE pumpkins and POOPIE leaves:

Here's another POOPIE jar. (I'm so laughing on the inside at that):

More black beans, POOPIE leaves and some candles. I forgot to buy candles for the two side votives. Gah!

I moved my eucalpytus to this urn and put some POOPIE leaves in the little jar.

This vase held my green onion grass. I flipped it over and put a POOPIE leaf garland inside and a pumkin (POOPIE approved) on top.

And now, like everyone else in blog land, I have this awsome little decoration that Indy absolutely loves. I also added a POOPIE pumpkin and some leaves to the birdcage.

Remember the second biggest of my POOPIE offenders? The PLASTIC plant? Oh, I fall POOPIE'd it up.
And finally for my BIGGEST POOPIE offender, the ivy. I pulled the leaves off the extra fall garland I had and popped them onto the little spokes.

And now, for something totally not POOPIE (unless I'm mad at him and then, maybe):

He doesn't like this pic because his uniform is all bunched up and he says it makes him look fat. He's not. BTW, he was watching crazy videos on YouTube. Productive!


Mrs. B said...

I love all your POOPIES! (No, it hasn't gotten old yet!) Using those black beans is a great idea! Ugh, I can't imagine having to do Christmas without all the stuff. I think I'd go into withdrawals! But you'll be in Europe, so it's all okay. Just think of all the fabulosity there is over there to blog about! Enjoy your fall poopies while you can!

melissa said...

ooohhh, fun stick arrangement! thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I love your jars! What a cute Idea!

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