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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Rain in Spain....

Does not stay on the plain. After a tumultuous check in where we had to pay a small fortune for baggage weight overage (it was actually more than our plane tickets), we boarded our flight in Frankfurt amid a chilly drizzle. Typical German weather. We were headed to Spain though, where we would find sun and warmth. Oh, MIHH, how the universe would soon mock you. The flight was pleasant and when we were over the coast of Spain we were low enough that we could see it as the sun was coming up. It was beautiful. We saw a large sailboat anchored out near some large rocky islands. It was very Pirates of the Caribbean, except, you know in the Mediterranean. Pirates of the Mediterranean? Maybe Johnny Depp should look into that. I’d be more than happy to be his wench. I’m just sayin.

 Leaving Germany

By the time we got into Barcelona, it was pouring. Mr. HH was in a grumpy mood (mostly because of having to pay for the luggage overage) and instead of walking around the city and taking it in (who cares if it’s raining, right?) to get to the metro, he decided we’d go by taxi to our hotel. He’s no fun! Our hotel was kind enough to let us check in early and we all crashed for a few hours. It was only 11am but we’d already been up for 8 and a half hours (and had had precious little sleep the night before). Indy woke up around 2:30 complaining that (what else?) he was starving. Mr. HH was still grumpy and didn’t want to get out of bed so Indy and I took off in search of food. The sun had come out! It was beautiful. There were cafes aplenty and we chose one at random. Our waiter’s name was Luis and his English was really good. He said he loved talking to Americans so he could practice. Hurrah! Indy ordered the 4 cheese pizza and it was…unexpected. One of the cheeses was blue cheese and it was weird. He ate it happily though. Weird kid.

Sitting at a cafe in Barcelona

After that we (on Luis’s recommendation) headed down the street to a super market to pick up some supplies for dinner, since I didn’t think we’d want to eat out again. Grocery stores here are funny. From the outside they looked like tiny little mom and pop shops. Once you get in though they stretch way back and even have basements with aisles in them. I picked up 2 baguettes, a package of gouda, some salami, a liter of water, a liter of Pepsi, come chocolate digestive cookies (yummy), 4 yoghurts, 3 apples, a bag of some sort of chips (Europeans eat weird flavored chips) and a large (meaning not as big as an American medium) package of the Spanish version of Whoppers (not as good though) for Euro 13 (about $17).
That night we sat in our hotel (Mr. HH was still crabby and tired) so we hung out in the hotel and watched Star Wars (the real one, not those 3 awful prequels) and feasted. Indy said this was the best Friday night of his life. It doesn’t take much to make him happy, does it? Mom, dad, some bread, cheese, chips and soda and a good movie. Who cares that a fantastic international city is just outside the window?
Around 9pm Mr. HH decided he wanted to go out. Umm…okay. We were on vacation, let’s go out walking. It was lovely! I really like cities at night. This cathedral was beautiful at night, though the clerk at our hotel said it was one of those weird modern Spanish ones and is really ugly. Further proof that it’s all about the lighting.

Here’s something that made us laugh. Indy went to the bathroom and when he came out, I told him I didn’t hear a flush (this is very unusual for him). He commented that the toilet didn’t have a way to flush. Mr. HH and I cracked up. He’d peed in the bidet. When I explained to him what it was for, he was totally grossed out. Why would anyone want to wash their bums in it when they make wet wipes? He turned the water on to flush the pee out and said this had better not end up on my blog. Oops.

Look for more cruise updates soon.


Frau said...

And I hate Ryan air for that very reason they are crooks...on our way back from Barcelona I thought I'd beat the over weight problem we bought a little cheap roller and because we didn't say we were checking luggage on the ticket we were charged a ridiculous amount. I hate traveling with them ....but I love their prices! Have fun in Barcelona love me some Sangria.

Allison said...

I LOVE Barcelona and I HATE, HATE, HATE RyanAir. We paid 700 euro in baggage fees when we took our cruise. HATE them.

(but YAY for Spain :) love, love, love Spain!)

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