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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We have arrived! Sadly, our brains have not.

We arrived in Germany yesterday! I'm deleriously tired. Seriously. I'm exhausted. M and I did not sleep at all on the planes. I tried, but it just wasn't happening. Indy slept about 7 hours of the long flight, so he was good to go the moment he stepped off the plane. M and I were ready to drop. Until we found out our dogs were missing. Then we were wide awake. Oh, yes, missing dogs. I remained relatively calm (mostly because I was too tired to be crazy) because I knew they had made it on the plane, so I knew they were somewhere. It took 3 very long hours to find them. My poor babies. They had been in their crates for 21 hours by the time we got them again. Talk about having to pee! I took them outside (once we got through Customs and Vet services) and they pee'd for like 5 solid minutes. They were so happy to be out of their crates! I think if Dutch could have, he's have gladly pushed his crate out into traffic so he'd never have to see it again.
Germany, is....well, prety much the same. It's chilly and drizzly. Kind of like it always is. It's so lovely though. When we were driving down the A5 Indy saw a couple of real castles up on the mountains and absolutely squealed with delight. That's my boy! He was so excited. He is handling the 9 hour time change far better than M and I are. He's a trooper. M and I are ready to drop. Yea jet lag! So not. I'll catch up more (and post some pics) after I've slept. Tchuss!


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